Being inspired and inspiring others

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… Though I DO feel I’ve fallen off the running earth:/ don’t count me out yet I’ve been looking for inspiration and in the meantime I guess I also inspired others;)


You know, as a teacher you always hope to inspire your students and when they thank you it truly is amazing! But when your peers call you inspiring, it feels special in a completely different way because they love you for just being you….Thank you to my bad ass mother runner, Salt for nominating me and as most of these things go, there are a few rules:

Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Or in this case “people”.

List the rules and display the award.


Share seven facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Without further a do… 7 MORE facts about this girl…


1. I went to school in London for fashion. I have mentioned I lived in London but I haven’t really elaborated… I went there with hopes of taking the fashion world by storm…instead I realized that at that point in my life there were enough McQueens and I really didn’t know what my place in fashion was (besides a kick ass fashion sense, lol). It was an amazing experience and I met a lot of amazing people, including Christian Sirano (yes, I just name dropped)… I haven’t given up completely on the fashion dream, I just need to find my place first;).

2. I’m obsessed with planning parties and events! Last year we had my besties bridal shower, Ella’s christening, Ella’s 1st bday party and Brady’s 3rd birthday party… I was in event planner heaven.

3. I have sleeping problems… And they get worse in the summer. I think it’s because my brain isn’t in use as much as it is during the school year so at night my mind just races… Lastnight I MAY have got hours total and one happened this AM from 6-7.

4. I have a HUGE family… My mom is one of 14… Unfortunately, we are spread out all over the the east coast:/

5. I would love to live on the west coast. Out of all the places I have been the one place that I am dying to go is California! My 2year goal is B2B…


6. While I have no desire to go camping, I’d love to go glamping…it may be cheating a little but I’m just not a full on camping kind of girl;)


7. I get bored VERY easily! Don’t get me wrong, I love lazy days but I start to get nutty. I love to be constantly doing and changing things in my life….whether it’s my hair, wardrobe, home, or just getting out of the house for an adventure… I.LOVE.IT!

And here are my very inspiring blog choices:

Please don’t feel obligated to participate just know you ARE inspiring others💋


17 thoughts on “Being inspired and inspiring others

  1. Well at least I’m in very good company over here in my off the face of the Earth running zone. 🙂
    I love all your answers! That must have been such an amazing experience in London! And as much as I do love to camp, I think I love the idea of glamping even more!

    You ARE an inspiration every day!

    1. Lol.. I know I thought geez… When was my last post lol…. It’s ok WE ARE BACK;) ok that’s it we see planning a glamping trip! How fun with a bunch of blog friends!

      Thanks doll, as are you💋

  2. Thank you!!!!! Coincidentally, I just did one today! But maaaayyybe I’ll do it again and dedicate it to you. Or I am going to add you in MWAH.
    Can we please please plan a party together? I would love that. Wait. let’s go glamping, get bored, and then plan a glamping party.

    1. Survival of the fittest lol… Um I was just telling “salt” we need to plan a bloggers glamping trip! How awesome would that be! The housewives of NYC just did one and I’m thinking it would be fabulous MINUS the drama!

    2. Also, I forgot to say that I had nominated you today too (to further the coincidence) but I switched you out 😉 Hope you are having fun doing…whatever it is!

  3. Thanks so much for the nom! It’s very cool that you lived in London. I visited once for only about 36 hours, and I wish I’d had more time to explore. And I have sleeping problems too. I have a really hard time falling asleep sometimes, and I wake up often during the night, for no reason at all. No fun. It’s better now that I’m exercising regularly, but some nights are really rough.

    1. I loved London! If it wasn’t sooo expensive I would probably still be there! You non it’s insane that working out has no effect on my sleep! It’s soooo frustrating!is it worse for you on the summer as well?

      1. It can be worse in the summer if it’s too hot, but I find that having the noise of a fan or AC can really help me sleep. Maybe you should try a white noise machine or something. It’s worth a try!

  4. So many great things I did not know about you. I think it is awesome that you studied fashion and are really into event planning. My friend Laura and you are SO MUCH alike. She lives in Hawaii but has a city girl mentality, loves New York and fashion, and does event planning for a living. She helped me a lot with my wedding. I am the same way about getting bored easily. I always have to be doing something! The West Coast would be more than happy to have you 😉

    1. I would love to plan events for a profession! There are sooo many things I would love to do. I should do some if these other things during the summer! Maybe that would help with my boredom. What a great friend to have when planning a wedding…. Seriously! My friend is planning her wedding and I’m helping her with hers as well! Maybe I should move out west… I’m over it here;)

  5. I used to dream of being a fashion designer… until I realized there was a big difference in being fashionable and being able to design things myself. So awesome that you went to London for this, though!

  6. Just getting off of vacay mode. Sorry, I’m a little late to this post (better late than never). Thanks for the shout out!!! Mahalo! Just reading your blog, I can imagine you are very organized and probably a kick ass party planner! Hey, who’s your mom?!

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