What up Wednesday …on Thursday


Sorry about the delay but I was too busy writing to my 16 year old self yesterday….lol. I try to write about running but some days I write about life. When I sat down to write yesterday that’s what came out…it literally wasn’t until later in the day that I realized it was Wednesday (one of the perks of having summers off, lol). ANYWAYS, here’s what up….

1. The injury that almost took me out of running,… Bunions! Who knew they were such a pain, literally. I have been running in Mizunos and I love them BUT recently after during and after runs. I was terrified that I was going to have to have surgery and my fall marathon would not happen. I did my research and read about some people just needed a bigger toe box! So I switched back to my old brooks yesterday and IT WORKED! Sooo now new sneakers, darn! The bonus…I still have lots of miles left in these old paws….

2. One of my bestest friends and I share a birthday weekend, I’m the 19th she’s the 20th, so this weekend we are having a girls night with two other great friends in Lake George. This will be my first night away from both kids and I can’t wait! I love my kids but I love my girls too! It’s 24 hours devoted to shopping, sunning, cocktails and good food! Wahoo!

3. I just bought these….


Who else got these?! Can’t wait to rock these!

What up in your world?


8 thoughts on “What up Wednesday …on Thursday

  1. Those socks look awesome! Are they Pro Compression? I’ve been meaning to try them but just can’t get past the price tag. Even with the 40% off codes that are always floating around, they’re still $30ish dollars!

    1. A girl needs options;) I left them in my cart for 3 days and pulled the trigger in a drunkin stupor:/ it was a good purchase lol.. Last wk I ordered 2 bathing suit tops, thinking it was a top in bottom. Epic fail👎

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