Back to reality…

Well 24 hours went fast but it was exactly what I needed!


We got a bit of a late start but we had an amazing time! We couldn’t have had better weather… We checked into a hotel and then hit up the outlets immediately…


After four hours of shopping it was necessary to eat because we were all getting hangry! So we hit up a low key restaurant on the water….


And of course there was some night life;) but I’m going to end the recap with one last pic of us in day attire…


I have to say I feel very fortunate to have such amazing friends in my life… We laughed until we cried, cried until we laughed and shared some of our deepest secrets…. Love these ladies to the moon and back! I’m not going to lie I missed my babies like crazy and couldn’t wait to get home to see them ( I worry when I’m not with them)…

And today it’s back my reality of mommywood, marathon training, and in less than one week, I’ll be celebrating my 32nd birthday! All good things right now, all good things💋.

How was your weekend!?
Do you have a group of friends that you simply adore?


7 thoughts on “Back to reality…

  1. I think we all need a little time with friends every once in a while. I was able to spend some time with my girlfriends this past weekend and it was just what I needed. Although a lot of my closest friends are spread out and don’t live near me, when we get together it is bliss! It sounds like you had a wonderful little getaway with your friends and shared lots of smiles. Cheers to your upcoming birthday!

  2. You guys are adorable. It’s funny, I have 4 incredible girlfriends, all from slightly different (and some simultaneous) times in my life, and they have only ever been in the place at the same time for my wedding weekend. Obviously, they got on fine, but it is so different than a big group of girlfriends. I would liken what you have with your girls to what my husband (and I, honestly) have with his boys.

    1. It’s so funny bc I have different sets of friends… These are my work girls and I just adore them! They area bit older so they have a bit of a different insight… My hs girls have known me since ever and there is something really great that ppl know you and your life ya know…

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