What Up Wednesday….


Happy Hump Day… Only positives to talk about today, but I want to thank you for your support… Love you guys💋.

First things first, my run yesterday…


I wanted to go four however, it started to rain and while I don’t necessarily love to run in the rain, I will if I don’t have my cellphone….unfortunately, today was one of those days but it was another run that left me smiling….the weather calls for rain all day today but I’m hoping to be able to squeeze in a run at some point in the day…

Number Two, this Saturday I’m going to be 30 freaking 2! Birthdays have always been bittersweet for me and I feared that my 30s were going to be a disaster and I’d instantly have a face full of wrinkles and gray hair, lol… When in reality I look way better than I did in my 20s. I love that in today’s society getting older is celebrated and woman DO get better, stronger, more beautiful and even on some cases faster….

Anyways for my big day I will be celebrating with a few of my friends at Saratoga Race Track, drinking champs, and hopefully laughing A LOT!


And last but not least, last night I was watching Extreme Weightloss, not sure if you are familiar but they follow ones journey over a year. The year is broken down into quarters and at each they are suppose to meet a Weightloss goal….last night they followed a young woman named Brandi, and at her 3 month check in they informed her that she would be doing a half ironman at her 6 month check in. They set her up with a coach and it was amazing to watch her work hard everyday and get stronger. Well at her 6 month mark, she didn’t hit her weight goal but she DID compete and complete a half ironman. I was SO inspired!
The inspiration began with Kristen at Glitteranddust. I followed her training journey and cheers her on week after week and thought, “I wish I could do that!” After watching Brandi’s journey I want to sign up for a half ironman… It won’t be in the next few months but I’m thinking within the next year I will have completed or be in training for one…. It’s just one more thing I’m adding to that infamous bucketlist.

Half ironman….here I come….


Does anyone have any helpful hints for ones first ironman?

What up on your Wednesday?!


5 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday….

    1. I know it may be crazy that even put that goal out there but I think I got what it takes to complete at least ONE… Lol I don’t know if it’ll be come an addiction per se but it is def something to look forward to;) or die tryinh

  1. AHHHHH, I totally just got goosies reading this! I knew you would eventually come around 😉 You are such a good runner that I have no doubt you would breeze through a triathlon (the running is the toughest part for many). I know you are not thrilled about swimming – I am right there with you – but it’s always fun to strive for different goals and challenge yourself in new ways. The triathlon community is amazing. You will fall in love. 🙂 I DVR Extreme Weightloss and now am really excited to watch last nights episode!

    1. After reading your journey it really got my wheels turning! I’m terrified of the swimming but I will do the training and hopefully I will be as successful as you! You’re an inspiration everyday! Keep doing what your doing and who knows maybe one day we will be doing a triathlon together as well as boston;)

  2. Eh’ the 30’s are the best and that when you experience the biggest strides in running from my I’m finding out. And thirty is the new twenty anyway lol 😉 sorry chica no half ironman tips from me but I’m wishing you the best on that journey 🙂

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