Last 10 Pics Thursday


It’s been a nutty week for me.. I swear, the week before my birthday is crazy every year… For some reason I have a lot of quotes, sorry:/

We have tons of ride on toys… This is NOT however Ella has recruited this toy as her new ride…

Ella had a drs appointment yesterday.. I took out my phone to text my friend and Ella was standing there saying cheese… I couldn’t just leave her hanging;)

This was on my friends FB page the other day… I LOVED it!!!!

Here’s the first quote this week. Some days it’s tough to remember but this was a nice reminder:)

I seen this the other day and sent it to the ladies I went away with lady weekend… Have I mentioned how much I love them!

Just another pic that was added from my family party.. This is my cousins wife. She just lost over 40lbs! Go Jamie!

Love me some Audrey Hepburn! I want this quote for Ella’s room.

This pic makes my heart smile…

<img src="" alt="20140717-124550-
45950741.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />

This is Ella’s new thing, wearing our shoes around the house. It’s cute but she’s a klutz so this only adds to her problem…

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