Like fine wine, we get better with age

Birthdays are funny for me… I got through an array of mixed emotions and oddly enough it has nothing to do with getting older it just has to do with who and where I am in my life and who I let into my life (and possibly some I need to kick out lol). This year was no different but I will say I had a pretty amazing weekend…

On Friday Brady and I had mommy-Brady date day and went and seen the movie Planes: Fire and Rescue… He was a total gentleman and even paid;)




I knew I would not be running Sunday so I peeled my body out of bed on Saturday and went for a 7 mile run… I was pretty happy because it was my first longer run of the summer and for the first time I didn’t feel like road kill, BONUS!


We dropped the kiddos off and headed to Saratoga Race Track to meet up with my bestie and enjoy some cocktails and bet some ponies:)

Ash and were hangry by the end of the day so we grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome Mexican place… I’m a huge fan of anyplace that I can eat outside. We only get beautiful weather for a short time in the north east and I will be sure to absorb as much as I can;)

We didn’t want to end the night without a birthday shot

And we ran into another friend and her hubs

We went home and sat by the fire for a bit and then hit the hay by midnight (I know I’m a real thrill seeker lol).

Sunday morning my friend Jess and I had our traditional birthday breakfast.. I’m not sure how I don’t have a pic of this but I’m pretty sure it was due to the non stop chatting from beginning to end.

We ended the weekend at our friend Corey and Amy’s house… We had dinner, the kiddos played, the adults laughed, and maybe a cocktail or two were had…



I’m sooo blessed to have such amazing people in my life and it makes turning 32 enjoyable… And today I start serious marathon training and detox lol.

How was your weekend?!


17 thoughts on “Like fine wine, we get better with age

  1. Happy birthday! It looks like you had an incredible one, filled with the best of everything, from kid fun to adult fun and a great run. During the summer, I am all about the outdoor seating. I think it is because when you are from the south, any time the weather is palatable, you grab it!

  2. happy birthday!! sounds like a great weekend. i just left behind 32 in June, and i have to say, it was an awesome year for me and hope it treats you just as spanktacularly. Saratoga Race Track?! i grew up not far from ‘Toga — Albany girl! will be there in August. πŸ™‚

    1. Omg really?! I love that you know of the track! We are about 40 min west of albs… I’m actually looking forward to 32… When I was younger I was so scared of my 30s… I’m kind of confused to why, lol.. But I’m def better now than ever before…

  3. Happy birthday, gorgeous!!! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday weekend! I’m so glad. ❀
    I love anyplace I can eat outside too and also hitting up the track (we had our company picnic at the racetrack last month and Betty helped me pick some winners!)

    1. Thanks dol! I love the ambiance of the track at toga… People get dressed up and wear hats, it’s just sooo much fun. It’s funny but kids have like a sixth sense when picking winners lol!

  4. Happy Birthday! great run btw! Looks like you have a great support system. GL on your marathon training!

  5. Such a fun birthday weekend! Birthdays are reflective for me as well-I never dread getting a year older, I just like to look back and see where my life has taken me in the last year. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!!! When I saw that bucket of popcorn I smiled because I can literally eat a tub by myself – such a guilty pleasure when going to the movies! I am excited that you are officially starting marathon training – what a great way to start off your next year! Cheers to you, beautiful!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I feel like I wrote this post as I am loving your weekend, cocktails, Mexican and eating outside. I always want to eat outside because winter is so long! Looking forward to following along with your marathon training speedy lady! Love, loved your outfits, too!

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