For the love of running…

I had my first run of my 32s yesterday and let me tell you it felt great! I love running and I’m not going to lie I worry about getting slower (because it’s inevitable). I worry that I won’t love it as much when the success isn’t there because I AM a competitor by nature and the fact of the matter is that I.LOVE.TO.WIN….

The marathon that I signed up for in the fall was originally suppose to be THE ONE… Ya know, the one where I qualify for Boston. I had no idea that I had it in me in May, especially after the epic fail of my first one! I digress… I’ve decided that I really want to “race” this fall marathon! I’m not saying elite status by any means but I want to go out there and leave it out there… Everything that I have, my heart and soul… And when I walk away from the finish line, I want to say “I gave that everything that I’ve got.”


Yesterday was the first day of my training cycle… Yes, I’ve been running but it hasn’t been consistent and most days I was running because… I love running. Yesterday’s run fell easy and smooth. I felt strong and like I was flying! I, unfortunately, can not clock tons of miles everyday as I will end up injured but I will get there and it won’t take me long… Yesterday’s run was one of those runs that gets you excited about the next big race….


Today, I will be doing my first track work out, providing the thunder storms hold out! Dare I say I’m excited?! Oh but I am… Tomorrow may be a different story;)
Happy Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “For the love of running…

  1. Nice pace! Consistency seems to work for me. Even if I don’t pile on tons of miles, running 5-6 miles 5 times a week gets me there. To BQ I/you need more. But to avoid injury being consistant is a good practice to follow.

    1. I can’t out on tons of miles either.. I’m prone to shin splints do I have to be super careful. I actually only trained for a month when I BQ’d in the spring but the nice thing was I didn’t have to worry about killing my legs with too many miles! I just need to get my runs in and listen to my body..

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