Creature of habit

I loved having my step mother here but it completely threw off my entire week. I’m a creature of habit, we wake up, I feed the kids breakfast, I sit down to watch Kelly and Michael and usually start my blogging…. Yeah, there has maybe been one day of normalcy this week and trust me I’m going a bit nutty… I don’t get my runs in, I don’t eat right and I don’t get my blog time which I have figured out is also my therapy lol…


And today was just as nutty as the rest because Miss Ella had a dermatologist appointment (yes, my 1.5 year old has one and I don’t… Go figure). Which was followed by lunch at Five Guys…. Not my typical lunch but delicious! Sorry no pics because I inhaled it:( I was kind of siked to get home because I was going to leave Ella with my dad and FINALLY put in that track work out…NOPES… The minute Ella seen me put on my sneakers she grabbed the jog stroller and said “walk, walk!” I couldn’t resist her giant, innocent hazel eyes… So I strapped her I and went for three garmin free (which never happens) miles… I ran through my entire pregnancy and she is still my fav running buddy…


I know I’ve said it everyday this week but I tomorrow Elle is going to daycare, soooo after I drop her off I’m going to bring Brady to my dads and head up to the school….bc whether I like it or not, I have a date with this guy…..


Are you a creature of habit or a go with the flow kind of person?


10 thoughts on “Creature of habit

  1. I like to have some structure, especially in the mornings, but our days are always different. Have fun at the track tomorrow! I did my speed work yesterday 🙂

  2. Funny how those track workouts are sometimes hard to fit in! This always happens to me when I’m doing speed work. Everything else comes first, then I finally do the workout and am so glad I did! :). You got this!

  3. Oohhhh I’m so a creature of habit. One thing gets thrown off and my whole is ruined or so it seems haha lol. Definitely a type “A” personality 🙂

  4. I LOVE running with my girl! Yet another reason why I wish we lived closer. And I am definitely a go with the flow kind of person which is a good thing. My husband’s job kind of demands that. I never know when things are going to change up!

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