It’s a mental game….

Saturday was spent at my aunts BBQ…. I know it sounds weird, but I actually don’t like food most foods made on the grill, but I love all of the sides: watermelon, corn on the cobb, salads, chips and dips…. I literally ate all day…and of course took a selfie…


Brady had so much fun playing with all of my cousins kids and by the time we left they were exhausted…


I woke up Sunday morning ready to run but true to the theme of. Y last two weeks, it did not go as planned. We had some running around to do and by the time I actually could potentially fit it in, it was already 7pm…. That’s the bonus of summer time: longer days.

Yesterday, I had a running partner…

And while I was initially excited, it soon became a mental game that I just couldn’t couldn’t win. Michael has not run in ages so I was excited that he signed on to do my 10 mile run with me. My goal of running with him was to help me improve, push the pace… Well the opposite happened. By mile one my pace was already WAY off of my typical runs (8:10)… The game had begun…I started pushing the pace, but started losing Michael…so I would drop back. Each mike that passed my times weren’t great… I was getting mad at myself. I had totally lost contact with Michael so at 3.5 mikes (instead of 5) I turned back and picked up Michael. He wasn’t feeling great so I took off to head back home…

It was sooooo humid and my legs started to cramp (another mental strike), so when I got back to the beginning of the trail I decided to add on a loop in town, which only ended up being two miles ( I thought it was longer, so yet another mental strike). I was going to finish on the trail but it’s not well lit and it was getting dark so I just ended it there.



9 sweaty, disappointing miles! Would I have been as disappointed had I made the full 10? I don’t know, but not hitting my goal really threw me for a loop…mentally.

On our drive home, Michael said “I forgot how mental running is.” All I could say at that point was, ” I was just thinking the same thing.”

I guess there is always next week… Head up, wings out💋


13 thoughts on “It’s a mental game….

  1. Hey, at least you got out there! You could have totally given up after the first couple of setbacks, but you pushed through and got 9 miles in! You should be proud 🙂

  2. Eh’ hang in there chica! Remember it a journey/marathon not a sprint and you are soooo going to prevail in this mental games you are strong enough. Cute hat by the way! 🙂

  3. I would take that time in a heartbeat. But that’s just me ;). You only get what the day gives you. Own it and move on. I still think you had a great run! Just file this away and forge ahead. Stay fierce!

  4. You’re in a funk; they only last so long; you’ll come out of it; simple as that. You got it. Plus your selfies are fantastic. My selfies are atrocious. So consider yourself to be winning.

    1. I love you! Lol… It is a funk…hopefully I come out on top with a BQ in the fall…that’s what matters…not every run is going to be a pr or even feel good. Not all selfies are good… I’m still trying to figure them out lol…

  5. At least you got yourself out the door. Obviously your mind and body are telling you they weren’t able to keep the pace you wanted. Sometimes listening to our bodies is important when it tells you something. In the end it was only one run. For every bad run (even though that would have been a good run for me), there are several good runs. It’s Monday. A fresh start. Fresh runs!

  6. First of all, I love your nose ring. And I agree with you on the sides as well. I don’t like hamburgers or hot dogs and no one ever has turkey burgers at their BBQ so I ended up eating a ton of pasta salad. 🙂

    I totally understand how not hitting that goal could throw you off. This humidity has been so intense too. My run on Saturday was a total mental game and I was exhausted by having to check in with myself constantly while I was out there to make sure I didn’t step wrong or get too overzealous.

    1. Thank you! Michael hated the nose ring for a long time, but honestly it was something I did for myself ya know….

      The humidity IS killing me! I just gotta keep pushing through… And hope in the end it all works out… If not I’ll die trying lol…

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