I swear, the weather man is constantly wrong! I’m not hating on him too much because it worked out to my advantage this weekend….I I totally said I was going to bring the kids to the indoor trampoline park and Brady school shopping however it was much too nice to be indoors….so Saturday we just had a great day of enjoying the beautiful day into ninth with some fun and a fire at Memas…




Then on Sunday morning I got up and went for a nice 12 mile run… I'm not going to lie, most of it was great ( the part on the road), but I struggled a bot on the trail… My body wanted to give up at 10 miles but my heart didn't want any part of that and when I finished my 12 miles, I was pretty happy. It wasn't my fastest or longest ever, but it was my longest and fastest for now and crazy humid!!!




And of course after my run I celebrated and rehydrated with..



And of course LOTS of water….

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?!


11 thoughts on “#irunthisbody

  1. Congrats on the solid run! I told you that you’ve got this! 😉 my 10 week build towards race #1 of the fall season starts today for me woohoo 🙂 I’m super excited to be training for a race again

    1. Thank you! I’m telling you, I am sooo weird about selfies… I typically just post a pic of my watch, but I think it gets a bit monotonous…as I posted it I cringed a bit, lol… But you guys are making me feel MUCH better about it;) I’m hoping that running in this crap will make me that much better in the fall;)

  2. Fantastic run! I wish I had gotten one in! (stupid leg/heel) And look at you with your mojo back–sometimes you literally need to kill a run, and kill it dead.
    PS TNMT. AMAZING; You and your fam are so gorgeous! Also, I know you like a good bloody mary bar, and there are a few places here in Chicago that you MUST visit… just saying

  3. Going away party part deux for my son. He graduated with a dual major (math and eco) and now is going back for a law degree. Way to hold off paying on dem loans kid =). I got 16 miles in yesterday. It was a struggle in the AZ heat. Heat v. Humidity…pass, they both suck. You had a great run tho’!

    1. OMG good for him!!! He’s a smarty Marty… Kuddos to you dad;) 16 miles is AWESOME!!! But your right humidity SUCKS!!! I’m hoping this wknd it’s a little more “normal”… I’m sooo jealous of your 16 miles… #runnerenvy

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