TGIF with ABCs about ME!!!!

Thank you Ashley for this fun idea…

Age: thirty-freaking two

Breakfast today: toast with pb

Current craving: spicy crab sushi


Dinner tonight: white pizza… Way less messy for the kiddos

E(fav type of EXERCISE): Running of course

F irrational FEAR: I'm a crazy but I'm terrified of the world ending in mine or my children's lifetime.


Gross food: scrambled eggs with ketchup… I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me!


Hometown: Fultonville, NY


I is for something IMPORTANT: my children’s health and happiness

J is for my current favorite Jam: I’m Ready by AJR…I played that song on repeat when I did my hill workout Tuesday.




Location: right now I’m in Johnstown, NY

M is for the most recent way I’ve spent MONEY: I signed up for a half yesterday!!! Wahoo!!


N is for something I need: new running sneakers

Occupation: Teacher’s Assistant (even though I have my masters in education there are no jobs, boo) and waitress/ bartender

Pet peeve: people who drive without purpose… Slow, don’t use directionals, don’t pay attention, etc.



Random fact about me: I hate being photographed in the same exact outfit more than once…. I like it switch it up just a bit, whether it be shoes, accessories, belt….

S is for favorite healthy SNACK: watermelon

T is for favorite TREAT: chocolate jumbles


U is for something that makes you UNIQUE: my two different shades of brown eyes!

V is for favorite VEGGIE: red peppers

W is for today’s workout: nada I’m resting today

X-rays you’ve had: I had a few on my ankles and I believe one on my collar bone when I was little…

Yesterday’s highlights: I may have found someone who wants to sponsor me! I’m by no means elite, but it is a local company and he seems very interested…. Hopefully more on this next week!

Z is for time ZONE: eastern

Happy Friday! What are some things that would be in your ABCs?


4 thoughts on “TGIF with ABCs about ME!!!!

  1. Thank you. Armageddon is a real (irrational) fear. I had to come to grips with my mortality in the middle of watching the movie of the same name (even though I had seen it umpeen times before) when I was 10. I peaked early. What can I say.
    When people ask me what I had for breakfast, I want to answer: which one? lol
    And you do have absolutely gorgeous eyes, I love their color! I actually hadn’t explicity noticed it before, but as soon as you commented, it is so true, and so you!

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