Be Kind….

I’m sure you have all heard about Robin Williams… It got me to thinking about the quote above. He was such a beautiful soul that brought so much laughter to us yet his smile hid sooooo much.

A while back I got an email from a class mate… I’ve known her since 3rd grade. She was poor and didn’t have much, but she was very sweet. People made fun of her and I would say high school wasn’t easy for her. Anyways, in her email she thanked me for always being so kind to her while our classmates were not. I felt so bad for her. I still feel bad but she has moved on in her life, but it was nice to know that I wasn’t like everyone else!

I think it’s easy for us to judge a book by it’s cover… Sometimes people paint a beautiful picture of their world that doesn’t really exist and sometimes we assume that others lives are a specific way based on the way they dress, their hair, where they shop, where they live… Sometimes it isn’t what it seems!

Rest in peace Robin Williams you have left us with a hell of a legacy…💋

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