What Up Wednesday!


It’s pretty miserable here in NY…. It’s been raining and dreary for two days! LAME!
Yesterday Brady was with my SIL so Ella and I had a play date with my friend Melissa and her daughter Lyla… These two literally made me LOL..

After lots of girl time, we picked up Brady for some back to school shopping…. I still can’t believe he’s starting school this year:(


This weekend I will make my second attempt at 15 miles…. I’m not going to think about last weeks run, I’m just going to focus on this week and keep pushing forward!


Michael is finally taking vaca after a much deserved promotion… I think we are going to take a few road trips… First stop….BRONX ZOO!!!!!


What up on your Wednesday!?
Hoping the weather in your area is better than mine!


10 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. It’s beautiful here today, but we were dealing with some serious rain yesterday and the day before. TONS of flooding yesterday. No good. Don’t stress too much about that run! You’ll do great! And enjoy your vacation as well. I’ve never been to the Bronx Zoo, but I’ve always wanted to!

  2. It’s rainy and gross today in my neck of the woods. I’m hoping that once the rain is gone it leaves behind some cooler temps and lower humidity. Relax about your long run–YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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