I Am Beautiful…

The other day while I had a few minutes to catch up on my blogging I came across this post from Courtney… Basically it challenges you to find 5 pics in which you feel the most beautiful… So here. We. Go!

I didn’t love being pregnant but I was able to run through my entire pregnancy with Ella… They say girls suck the beauty out of their mothers but I beg to differ for this is literally one of my favorite adult pics of myself and I am literally glowing!

This was from 2006, our first year together. It’s one if my favorite pics of us. Have I mentioned I miss my blonde hair?!

On my wedding day… We got married in Jamaica at sunset…. After many bottles of Champagne and some great food… I sat waiting for the jitney to bring me back to out fabulous room…I feel very Carrie Bradshaw here…

I’m kind of cheating here but I couldn’t find a pic of me with both kids that I loved… But my children make me feel beautiful and in think that I have become “more beautiful” and confident as a mother. They have taught me that perfection is about being imperfectly perfect and they have given me the ability to laugh at myself ..



When I have completed a race whether it’s a 5k or marathon, I feel beautiful, strong, and empowered… I feel lucky that I am still competitive and able to compete and I LOVE that my children are there to cheer me on every step of the way…..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… On this day… I felt like a super hero;)

I challenge you to find 5 pics in which you felt most beautiful/handsome… Do it, do it!


14 thoughts on “I Am Beautiful…

    1. Thank you! I feel like I should have put a disclaimer out there…like I don’t think I’m beautiful but I feel it in these pics:/ I’m not going to lie, I feel blessed to have such cute kids though;)

    1. Thanks doll! I think I felt more accomplished running while pregnant than I do now! I would talk to Ella on my runs, maybe crazy, maybe genius… But I tell you she would fall asleep during runs and still does!!!

    1. I’m a psycho and lucky… Lol. I’m lucky that I was able to stay active through my pregnancies. I ate what I wanted (in moderation) and just took care go myself including maternity massages;) I feel like ppl just get lazy when they are pregnant but staying active is good for you and the baby AND it makes delivery easier on you… And by no means do I think it was easy lol…. You are going to be the cutest pregnant chic ever!

  1. You were the cutest pregnant lady of all time! At 34 weeks I looked like a beached whale. I still love my belly pics though.

    You ARE beautiful!! I love all these photos. 🙂

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