What Up Wednesday!


Here’s what up on my Wednesday….
Nope I haven’t fall off the face of the earth however I was hiding and NOT running… I have mentioned in the past that I have a bunion that is causing me some insane pain. The pain is now moving into my arch, so I took so time off and ran 10 miles yesterday….

It actually felt really good! I have decided that running everyday doesn’t work for me. I mean the pain is still there but I think I may be better off running less…. Otherwise I’m going to burn out and be in a lot of pain!

On Monday we finally went to the indoor trampoline park… I was a bit disappointed because my kids could only stay in the kiddie area and parents aren’t allowed to jump in the kiddie area but, Brady and Ella had an amazing time and that is really all that matters…





Brady got his back to school hair cut! He looks like such a big boy! 2 weeks and he will be an official pre-k student:(


How has your week been!? What up on your Wednesday!?


5 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. haha i love/hate that you call 7:30 miles for 10 miles “easy,” you lil brat. šŸ™‚ but seriously, you kill it. i unfortunately have tendonitis like WHOA at the moment and running is so painful. i took 4 days off and ran 6 miles yesterday, and today i’m dying. ugh.

    1. Lol, not every day does it feel that easy…. I think the running gods knew I needed a little confidence booster! Lets see how the rest of the week goes…. I’m hoping that running less will actually workout better for me:/ soooo sorry about your tendonitis! I can’t imagine how painful it must be!

  2. Wise decision chica! Sometimes less = more. Better to pick your spots and make them great rather than forcing the issue

  3. I agree with Shawna. You are your “easy” runs. That trampoline place looks like it would be a lot of fun, especially for kids. My Wednesday has been a combination of catching up on blogging, coffee with mom, and a quick recovery workout.

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