Last 10 Pics Thursday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this… Here are the last 10 pics on my iPhone:)

I seen this on FB and screen shot it… I love this and I hope Elle feels this way when she grows up:/

Brady REFUSES to go to bed until we do…yet he always seems to fall asleep in my nook… I’ll take it;)

She likes to wear hats… And buckets… Luckily she wears it well;)

Cuddle time! Enough said;)

Yeah my son is bada$$ he drives a Benz lol… I bought this for his second Christmas and he is now cruisin with Elle like they are teenagers:\ #sadmommy

Brady has VERY thin hair so we let it grow out… But he’s starting school so he got a big boy hair cut to start his first day if school:)

“Mommy I want to sleep next to you.” Yep… There he is!


Everything was 14.99 and under at Gymboree, this outfit including headband was under 10 bucks!!!!

This was the cowboy burger where I work… AMAZING!!!!!! And that’s a mimosa with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice…. All just amazing! Not because I work there just because it is!i don’t think I could work where the food was rubbish;) just saying:/

Tell me about your last 10 pics… Or post them;)


5 thoughts on “Last 10 Pics Thursday!

  1. So cute.
    Tomorrow’s our big day. I remember dropping off our oldest at college. My wife and I had to hold back the tears as we drove home with our youngest. This time we’ll have to do it with our oldest in the car.
    I think we are taking two cars, my little girl has loaded up with stuff. Secretly,I think she enjoys shopping! and spending mom’s money! So…I may get to cry alone in my car on the way home.
    Enjoy those hugs!
    I’ll have to post some embaressing pictures of my girls doing dress up. I think some of them are hilarious!
    Have a great weekend.
    Cheers – Andy

  2. these are so cute! love your kids’ names and curls. 🙂 such an adorable lil fam. my lately pix are mostly from my friend’s wedding in Saratoga last wknd, and include the first with the guyyyyy… happiness. 🙂

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