“Get Better”

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This waitressing/bartending job is kicking my butt and my poor little legs butt!

Last week I got ONE run in, ONE! Between working, weather, and getting Brady ready for school… One run was all I could swing. None the less, my bestie Ashley and decided to attempt a long run together…

It was nice to have a running partner:) we use to run together all of the time but she was living in Albany and it’s just a crazy commute! We stayed together for half of it and then I took off… True to big sister form I kept turning back to check on her if I thought the gap was getting too big.

It was painful and long… I know this sounds insane but I feel like it took more energy to go at a slower pace and by the end of my run I was feeling it:/ I felt like I was dying a long painful death! I just felt sooooo run down, it was horrible! My legs literally felt like they weren’t moving! We somehow persevered…

I’m not sure how either one of us are smiling but we are! While I’m happy it’s over I’m scared for my future. How am I going to run this marathon in a month in a half?! How am I going to complete my long runs?! How can I get better and stronger in order accomplish my marathon goals?!

That run kicked my butt sooo bad that I came home, walked up stairs and crashed with this little cutie…


After my nap I was able to address this question: NOW WHAT?!
I’m a real person and when real people fall on their faces they either have to get back up and keep going or lay there and cry about it… I’m up, ready to face a new week, looking forward to getting stronger and refocusing on what I need and want to do….ready for a new week….

How was your weekend?
Tell me some good stuff!


6 thoughts on ““Get Better”

  1. Yeah the slower pace or slow down game can be more painful than just letting your legs free at times and after months I finally got to play some futbol this weekend đŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh!!! Doll I’m so sorry. I know now much you want to run a fall full, it stinks:( but there are always more options-maybe find another one that is a little later in the fall, maybe take it down to a half and refocus your energy on a spring full(Boston bc you’ll be there with me!!) it’s ok to take a break. (Nobody likes to hear that, though!)
    Lord knows we all need it sometimes!! I just want to give you a big hug!

  3. Doubt is crazy…try to stay positive. You got that run in…that’s all that matters…and then you get to go home and snuggle. win win… and plus you were wearing pro co’s… win win win!

  4. good attitude about persevering — it can be hard staying positive when you’re fighting some mental battles against where you know you want to be as opposed to where you’re at, but i know you are strong and will pull through! hope this is the start of a great week for you.

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