Some good news:)

This training cycle has left me feeling less than excited about my upcoming marathon however I have got some good stuff happening in my running world that I feel like I want to share;)

1. I think this helped me get through my long run on Sunday:)

I’m an ambassador! Wahoo! It makes me feel a bit more official;)

2. While not AS exciting as the above I have finally decided on a new pair of kicks with a little help from Janae

I wanted to be a Mizuno girl soooo bad but Brooks just make my feet happy:) #sorrynotsorry

3. Boston marathon registration in two weeks!!!!

Yes, this is happening!!!! Regardless of what this fall marathon brings… And that is just fabulous….

You know that saying, “I have to laugh or I’d cry”? That’s me right now with running… So instead of crying I’m finding the good things and HOPING that all of my positives will help me persevere;) Brady went to my MIL’s for the night lastnight so me and this girl are going running together and having a girls day;)
br />
What are some positives in your running world?!


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