What Up Wednesday

Here we are again…hump day AND what up Wednesday!


Here is another weekly installment of what up Wednesday…here’s what up in my world….


No I’m not! Tuesday will be my first day back and while I wish I could say I’m excited about going back, the truth is I’m not. I went to school and received my masters to be a teacher and for the last 4 years I’ve held the title,of a teachers’s assistant. I didn’t mind because for the most part I was put impositions where I ran my own room…this year yet again I’m doing something else. I love the school and the kids I hate that after 5 years I still don’t have the job I should… So I’m seriously considering a profession change… What am I going to do you ask? That is the same thing I have been asking and why I am still going back…until I figure out another plan…

2. On a brighter note the fair is in town!

It’s def a small town fair but everything about it leaves great memories if my childhood. There’s something about the fair that just makes me happy. We drive by the site everyday going to my dad’s house and Brady and Ella’s little faces light up in anticipation of going…I work evenings but my sister in laws want to try to bring the kids before work one day this week and then Michael and I will try to bring them Sunday or Monday…I can’t wait it eat all the not good for you fair food! Lol..

3. My long run this week…. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling run down this week. Maybe because I’m depressed about going back next week or maybe I’m just warn out… I’m not sure…. But none the less my goal is 18 miles… With 6 weeks until my marathon I’m not going to panic yet, after all I trained for my last marathon in a month;) I got time…



Last but not least…. What are your plans for the weekend?! I have to work Saturday but my aunt is having one last BBQ if the summer season. I always enjoy spending time with my wonderfully crazy family. I still have back to school shopping for myself and I have to finish Brady’s back to school shopping… Hey, I love Labor Day sales, while I am a procrastinator I also love to shop! Brady really has bee done for a few weeks, but what’s a few more things;)

What up in your Wednesday?!
Have you ever made a drastic decision when it came to your career? How did you go about it?
What are you doing for Labor Day?


2 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday

  1. The fair is in town here too! I love fair food so much.

    This weekend we’re moving, ugh. But I plan to get at least 6 miles in before we go crazy. You’re going to kick that 18 miler’s butt, I know it!

  2. OMG that picture of your daughter with the headband glasses is too much. This weekend Alex has the day off (during which I will be cleaning the yoga studio, rats) and then a half on Sunday! Other than that, it is about trying to avoid the tourists in town lol

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