Numbers are everywhere in a runners life 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, 10x800s, your times, and your bib numbers. But the numbers I’m talking about today are the ones we see on the scale!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of flack for my weight. Which no one knows the exact number and honestly it’s nobody’s business because I am a healthy 3 digit number. I think women get it the worst… We are scrutinized for being too thin or too thick, we don’t lose baby weight fast enough or we lose it too fast, we go to college and gain the freshman 15, we get married and get lazy, we break up and eat our feelings or refuse to eat our feelings…it’s a losing battle. I’m not saying men don’t get scrutinized but I feel like sometimes we are all suppose to be this perfect cookie cutter, stepford wife…and it’s just not realistic….we don’t wake up looking like this, he’ll I don’t even look like that after I’m ready for the day.


The media has a lot to do with it but we allow the media to do it do us. Do you remember the girl who won the biggest loser was scrutinized for losing too much weight.

It's not my job to say whether she took it too far or not but I will say kudos to her for losing all that weight…

I will be the first to admit I battle the scale every day…. But I'm health conscious. I like to make good food choices one because I love food and two because I want to be a good role model for my children. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I'm trying to teach them balance.


I try not to talk numbers and I definitely don’t want Ella to be fixated on a number. I think it can be dangerous. I am also sick of people asking me how much I way and saying I look sick because I am not! I will tell you what I am….I’m a Marathoner…I run what some people would say an insane amount of miles, but to me seem normal. I bust my but to stay fit, NOT thin or skinny. There is no trick or secret… Oh wait there is…it’s called hard work and dedication…



To all my peeps battling the scale or scrutiny… Hold your head high…. Only you know the truth. As usual, haters….hate on…..

Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Numbers….

  1. BEAUTIFUL, just like you! I get flak too….”is that why you’re so skinny? Because you run?” YES. But i eat way more than anyone i know, so shut it!!!! 😉

    Wahhhh….tomorrow is the last “weekday” of vaca for you!!! HOW ARE WE HERE ALREADY????

    1. Exactly! I love food! I love eating!
      I must be SOOOOO lucky bc I’m thin… He’s super lucky that on my weekends when I’d love to sleep in I’m running my butt off! People can be sooo annoying!

      Ps I’m still wondering where my summer went! I got nothing accomplished:(

  2. Wonderful post. I do remember that Biggest Loser story and it made me so sad. Maybe she did develop unhealthy habits, but I don’t know that and neither does anyone else so lets just congratulate the girl for doing something amazing and leaving behind a potential health problems for a new healthy life. I sometimes think we are our own worst enemies. Women in general seem to be the first to criticize another woman for being too skinny or too thick not to mention ourselves. I am a healthy weight too and my family always bug me about it and how I’m so lucky, but part of me wants to scream, I work really hard to stay fit. I eat well, I exercise daily and that’s what “luck” is.

    1. Exactly! It’s soooo hard… Even today I got a text from a friend saying I looked very thin….um…I’ve been the same weight all summer. I’m fine… I feel like yelling “what would be the perfect weight to you?” It’s hard to be a woman…

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