The Boston Dream…

I began running at the age of 12… the idea of a marathon let alone the Boston Marathon never crossed my mind… I was a sprinter and to be honest any distance over 400 meters terrified me.  As we grow up we mature and so does our running.  As a senior in HS I promised myself that I would ONE day run a marathon, any marathon.  Just the idea of completing such an insane distance seemed amazing.  Once I reached college and actually began enjoying running distance, I set my sights on BOSTON… boston1


After my first epic disaster of a marathon I thought I would NEVER qualify.  The idea of going sub 3:35 seemed IMPOSSIBLE.  I was so disappointed in myself.  I reveled in the fact that I had wasted my time and embarrassed myself on setting goals so high. Why did I think that I could qualify for Boston?! I was so angry at myself for setting myself up for failure and disappointment…. 

I gave up the Boston dream and went back to running for the love and joy of it…. I ran just because I loved it. I wasn’t competing or trying to qualify for anything, I was just enjoying the run. Last spring my friend and I did the Mighty Run.  It’s a partner obstacle course 5k…. and once I did that, there was no turning back… the competitor in me returned and it returned with a vengeance! It wasn’t until this year that I upped my distance to the half marathon, where I found quite a bit of success and love. I figured that if I could do a half, I should give the full marathon one more try.  

And so I did… Well, I signed up for the marathon that I’m doing in October, and kind of sad that IF I did qualify for Boston I wouldn’t be able to run it until 2016…But I ate it and was fine with it.  After doing research I seen ChicRunner was going to train for a marathon in month and if I followed her plan I could run the Buffalo Marathon.  Not to necessarily qualify for Boston but to get a race under my belt so that I would def qualify in the fall….

In May, I not only ran the Buffalo Marathon but I BQ’d! 4 months later I STILL can’t believe it… It is literally a dream come true.. something that I was sure that would never happen but FINALLY is and WAY sooner than I could have hoped for….


Next week, at 10am registration for my qualifying time opens… This just goes to show you that just because you don’t achieve your goals right away, doesn’t mean that you have to give up.  Just keep trying…

boston-marathon-starting-line1Happy Friday!

Does anyone have a Boston Marathon goal story?

What is everyone up to this weekend?



4 thoughts on “The Boston Dream…

  1. Bwahahahahaha! I ran 100’s, 200’s, and 400’s in high school. At the tender age of 40…turning 41 next week, I ran and placed 3rd in the 100’s and 200’s at the AZ masters state championship. In high school, I faked injuries so I didn’t have to run the 800!!!! Now I realize that was so stupid. I’m a sprinter too. I may never be a good let alone be a great marathon runner. I think the half is my distance… other than that, I’ll stick to the 1’s and 2’s. Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats lady!! I’ve just started pushing myself to run faster and in just a few weeks have seen great results! No Boston times for me, but still! Goes to show you with determination and persistence, anything is possible!

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