Life is all about balance. Now that I am back to work I’m trying to find balance between working two jobs, spending QUALITY time with my two kids, keeping up with their extra curricular, running, and life.

Last week we had a whole bunch of firsts: Brady’s first day of school, soccer game and goal. With life being all about balance I believe it is necessary that we had to have at least one last event…yesterday we said one last goodbye to my uncle who passed away.  while it was a sad day for my family, we took the time to celebrate his life and today life goes on….

As I get older I am learning how important it is to have balance.  For example in training if you go over board and train too much you can end up injured, while under training can lead to poor performance. Too much of anything can be dangerous, that is why it’s important to know your limits.

One thing mother hood has taught me, even though I don’t always like it, is that I can’t control everything.  Would I love to be out of the house by 645AM every day? Hell yes! That would give me enough time to drop both kids off and grab my medium coconut caramel iced coffee light and sweet (yes same thing, every time).  HOWEVER, there are days, life this morning, where I change my outfit 10x, my hair doesn’t cooperate, Brady refuses to get out of bed and Ella won’t sit still so I can do her hair, and while I definitely could of used coffee this AM, there was no way it was going to happen. AND with mornings there has to be balance, so there are my afternoons (the only time I get to run during the week)….IF Michael gets out of work in time, and it’s not too dark, and I’m not too tired, and I can get dinner out of the oven….THAN I can go running… and if the stars don’t align I don’t get to run:(. The old me would have had a melt down but there are some things that are more important to me than getting that run in… BALANCE.

I think it’s often hard for people  to push past their comfort zone.  Whether it be eating the same exact thing for breakfast everyday, doing the exact same exercise for the same amount of time everyday or going some place at the same exact time everyday; making a change can be difficult because we are of course creatures of habit.  Sometimes it opens up some new and amazing doors, sometimes it shows you how much stronger you are, and sometimes… it helps you find balance.



9 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Balance is so important in this chaotic world of ours. As soon as balance gets thrown off, it can have a ripple effect. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now and a lot of different things to juggle, but are handling it well. Remember to take time every once in a while to fill your needs as well. 🙂

    1. You know what? I am crazy busy… but I think I feel better when I am more busy… when I don’t have a lot going on I feel lost and bored and anxious… when I’m this busy I don’t have time to think about being busy!

  2. Life with two little ones is hectic. When mine were little I was still a couch potato.
    It sounds like you don’t drink a lot of coffee, but still need your morning dose. My sister uses a french press to make about 2 cups. Her husband doesn’t drink coffee! Another idea are those Kuerig machines. They make 1 cup at a time and have all kinds of flavors.
    Just a few ideas. Enjoy those kiddos!

  3. Very nicely written! Balance is constantly a work in progress but I think we get a better handle on it with age or at least better a prioritizing. So sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts are with you

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