Last 10 Pics Thursday

thursday10I go in phases with my last 10 pics Thursdays.. I feel like I don’t want to be redundant between here and instagram so I try to give you a break every once in a while…


This just looks pretty but I also love what it says….. I think some times self doubt can be our biggest enemy (spoiler alert… possible future post).


Um… how awesome is this photo!? I took this picture while we were at Brady’s first soccer game on Saturday.  It’s almost a perfect heart.


Ella is obsessed with puzzles right now and she is soooo good at them.  She grabs my dad’s hand, brings him to the toy area, drags her puzzle bag to where she wants to sit and forces him to “sit”! Soooo cute.

showercheese ellaannie shower

On Sunday, Ella and I went to a baby shower where it was bee themed… so cute! The blonde is Ella’s daycare provider and she basically followed her around the ENTIRE time… we are sooo lucky to have someone who loves our children soooo much.


Michael always says I complain too much… I keep saying that I’m going to try this.. one day….


Yup, I’m THAT mom… they wear coordinating  I know it’s cheesy but one day they won’t let me do it, so for the next few years….IT’S ON! #SORRYNOTSORRY

ellagingham menella

This was this morning.. I’m obsessed with this dress that we bought at GAP…. she looked sooo cute and then of course… we took a selfie!

Happy Thursday peeps… ONE. MORE.DAY!



2 thoughts on “Last 10 Pics Thursday

  1. i love that “believed she could, so she did” glitter image — pretty sure i’ve employed that on my blog before, too. 24 hours without complaining, wow — if you decide to pick a day and take that challenge, plz enlist me to take that with you. 🙂

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