The Sacrafice…

Steve Prefontaine USA

It’t not a secret that I have been struggling all summer with my training and “injury” and in turn I have also not been racing as much as I was.  I love to run and I love to race but only when I can be and give 100%.  Lately I have been thinking about SACRIFICE and how it effects life.  We have all been through it and we all need to make decisions that aren’t ideal.

 Yesterday I mentioned not being able to do the Ragnar Relay due to finances.  We have a lot going on and with such short notice I just couldn’t come up with the extra 250, not to mention I would have missed Brady’s first picture day and his soccer game on Saturday.  There will be other Ragnar Relays (I hope). But there won’t be other first picture days and there are only so many soccer games in a season.   SACRIFICE

I enjoy being a mother and I enjoy spending time with my children.  Mike works late during the summer and I don’t like “pawning” my children off on other people, so that means runs get pushed later or to not doing them and in turn my training suffers.  I love racing but I don’t like to put myself in bad situations.  I run because I have had a lot of success in the last 20 years and honestly when the success is gone I will no longer race.  I will always run, but I won’t always race. I want success but I have to decide what I am going to SACRIFICE.. it’s either time with my children, time with Michael, time working, time with my friends, or my running time.  With a second job, the SACRIFICE has been running lately.

It kind of makes me sad, because I had pre-set goals for the fall and I now have to re-evaluate.  I was actually shocked with my time over the weekend and I almost feel lucky to have some “natural” talent that makes up for my lack of training, but you can’t fake training for a marathon.  I’ve decided to put as much as I can into the next 3 weeks and hope for another amazing race….unfortunately, I am going to have to SACRIFICE another thing in my life but for the next three weeks it’s all about my family and the marathon!

What do you think you SACRIFICE?


9 thoughts on “The Sacrafice…

  1. I completely understand where you are coming from.I have two kids and it was so hard to get my training in unless it was on a treadmill and I put them in the gym daycare. Now I’m getting ready to have my third and I desperately want to get back into running after he’s born. It’s a little overwhelming. I’m hoping to find a good balance.
    Ashley @

    1. exactly! I understand it’s all about balance but I feel that sometimes there is no balance and something HAS to be sacrificed. I can’t go running at midnight bc I have to get up for work at 445… ugh… Mommywood is no joke!

  2. I don’t have kids myself, but have a lot of friends who are in a similar situation as you. Many of my friends have younger kids and express that they will race and check off some of their “bucket list” items/races when their kids are a little older. Being a parent must be so hard, but rewarding in many ways. I think your decisions are selfless and demonstrate what a great mom you are. There will always be a time to race and you will feel it in your heart when that time is. 🙂

    1. It IS really hard with kids but I just hate feeling like I’m neglecting anything in my life ya know?! Ugh, I need to find some balance! Is it bad that I’m contemplating doing another half…lol. Balance starting October 14th…lol post marathon

  3. I get you 100% for the sake of running and my family I do all my runs at 4am so I can be home for them in the evenings and/or just before they are waking up in the mornings. And there are a number of destination races that I’d love to do but I sacrifice doing them because I refuse to unfairly burden my family of the expense they would cost to do them. I even give up being a regular or at least once a year 26.2’er because I realized how much time my family loses when I train for distances that long. Kids are only kids once then they grow up.

    1. You are soooo right! They are only kids for a short time! And that is why I am doing my best NOT to take too much time away… I may do a race next wknd but we get to go to the city and the kids get to see family and we get to do stuff as a family AFTER my 9am race!

      Tell me more about becoming a local elite…lol

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