What Up Wednesday

This week is flying by for me… I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! You know what that means….


Here’s what up on my Wednesday!

1. I decided to sign up for another half before my marathon.  I know I was just talking about SACRIFICE… and this is one of those things where I am compromising but in a good way…. I wanted to squeeze in one more half before my marathon and this seemed like my best of both worlds.  I’m running a half in one of my favorite places and my children get to see their aunts and uncles that they don’t get to see often….


It’s suppose to be “flat and fast” which is my kind of race…. it’s multiple loops which I don’t love but I’m super siked because we will be in Brooklyn, one of my favorite places because they have the best pizza at L&B’s. So yes this will be my post race treat…


I’m also super excited because we get to spend time with one of my favorite people, my sister in law Gail! We stayed with her when I ran the Staten Island half back in April and we will be staying with her again… I’m hoping for nice weather so I can bring the kids down along the water and maybe even over to Coney Island in BK.

2. I’m attempting an 18-20 mile run this weekend… The weather is suppose to be amazing and I am actually getting excited about running again… I think I just needed to race in order to re-ignite my love for running…. I’m back and hopefully better than ever.. I guess we will see next weekend!


3. Last night was my first open house as a parent… I’m not going to lie it’s a lot different to be on the other end but it was definitely nice…. way less stress.  We got this picture from his teachers…

photo (3)
Why is he getting so big!?

He also informed us that he has a girlfriend! WHAT?! lol yeah that happened yesterday… When Michael asked him what he was talking about, Brady responded, “I have a girlfriend dude!”…. This is just the beginning:(

What up on your Wednesday?!


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