Attack of 18 mph Winds

Let’s get real… I live in the “great” North East, so when it comes to training this time of the year it gets cold!  I know this and I respect it, I just don’t like it… So when it comes to training for Boston I would say that running outside pretty much sucks. It took me a long time to get here  (qualifying for Boston that is) and I’m not going to let a little bit of coldness stand in the way…. or so I thought before my run yesterday.

It was sunny out, so I checked my phone for the temperature.  25? I can totally handle that…. I layered up as I usually do, threw Ella’s headband on because I’m being cheap and refusing to buy one (after this I will be purchasing one), laced up my new Brooks, and threw on my new fabulous running mittens.  I headed out of my house and hit “start” on my Garmin and took off down the hill…. it wasn’t until a quarter mile in that I realized I actually did NOT hit start, strike one.  No biggie, I hit start and started the long uphill.  It felt great.  The sun was shining I was hitting pace 7:10…. and then I turned the corner and that’s when it went all down hill.  The wind was literally pushing me backwards. It was horrible.  My beautiful 7:10 pace quickly changed to 8:10 pace…. 3.5 miles of pure hell! When I got home and stumbled through doors and my phone finally unthawed I checked to see what it felt like outside and this is what I got….

photo 1 photo 2

Yeah no kidding! Winds of 18 mph and it felt like 12…yup! No thanks! So today it will be me vs. the treadmill.  It may be worse than yesterday but at least I will be moving forward! What are some of your cold weather essentials? HELP!


3 thoughts on “Attack of 18 mph Winds

  1. I’ve missed ya madly chica! Glad to hear training is going well minus the wind. Wind can be a bear especially headwinds like what you were dealing with. One winter essential that comes in handy for winds like that is a ski mask which will help with your breathing since winds like that can make it hard to take in air.

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