The Workout That Almost Didn’t Happen

I had a very calm New Year’s Eve.  I didn’t even get to see that ball drop, which was totally fine with me because Ella is usually up at 6am.  However, I was exhausted when I did wake up.  My plan was to do 6 miles with 3x1000m at marathon pace in the middle.  It was freezing so the thought of running outside made me want to crawl into a ball in the middle of my bed and that is pretty much where Ella and I hung out for the majority of the day watching Frozen over and over….I was doing very little running prior to this cycle so I know the first few weeks are going to kick my butt and here I was day 4 ready to take a day.. ugh.

Sometimes you need a day to just lay in bed!
Sometimes you need a day to just lay in bed!






I don’t know if I have mentioned this but two of my college track besties are running Boston this year as well.  I am literally so excited about it all that I can hardly contain myself! What are the odds!? Probably better than I think, but I think it is pretty bad ass and awesome all at once. Anyways, my one girlfriend started messaging us about training and meeting up and I all of a sudden got a burst of energy to go to the gym…. at 630 at night yes.  A little pep talk from my old college girls was exactly what I needed.  Talking time goals and Heart Break Hill was all I needed to get my butt out of my fabulously comfortable bed and into the car to go get this work out done.



photo 2
I love this quote… and this was exactly what I needed yesterday!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I never did like workouts during my first cycle and I know that it is important to get them in.  So this cycle, it was really important to me that I got one/wk.  I was going to start small because I am also one that can’t go over board with mileage I decided not to go over board and to do 2 miles at 8 min/pace because I actually wanted to make it through the workout.  Initially my goal pace was 7:12 but when I pumped it up on the treadmill it felt too easy so I went to 7:08 and I felt challenged but not like it was too hard.  I did three cycles with four minutes rest between each and than I added another mile on getting me to 6.  By the end of the work out I was doing 7:30 pace because 8:00 felt too slow but like I said I have 4 months, I don’t need to have all of my fun at once.  I need to stay healthy and stay motivated.  I walked off the treadmill with 6 miles in 46:15 and felt happy.  It was definitely NOT my fastest 6 miles ever, but I was proud of myself that I pulled it together and got it in. My first REAL workout of Boston training…. DONE!

I trained for one month for my last marathon, I’m soooo terrified that I’m going to burn out…how do you prevent training burn out and injury?



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