Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Have I mentioned how much I hate living in the northeast?! It is so damn cold and only getting colder.  I don’t mind snow but I do mind wicked cold temps.  I literally could not feel my toes by the end of my run yesterday.  I was bundled up and even wore a hat, I guess my next purchase will have to be warmer socks:/

I have to take pics  before I go outside because it's so cold that my phone dies the minute I try to use it:(
I have to take pics before I go outside because it’s so cold that my phone dies the minute I try to use it:(

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty sore from my 6 mile tempo the day before.  I’m not complaining because it’s all necessary to get to where I want to be… however, it did make it a tad bit harder to start running.  I ran 4.09 miles in 31:12.  The wind is killing my times, but like I said all of these things will just make me a stronger runner down the road…. I hope.

This is my forecast for the next week….

Really 11?! UGH!
Really 11?! UGH!

Today I am running two miles and tomorrow is my first long run with my running group.  I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty siked.  I’m dying to be pushed by someone other than myself.  It gets lonely out there. So it will be nice to have some other people with the same common goal as me…. BOSTON.

This weekend is devoted to getting my lessons ready for this week and trying to get back into the swing of things… after two weeks of “sleeping in” (I use that term very loosely because Ella wakes up at 6am no matter what), running whenever I wanted, and doing pretty much nothing… It’s time to get back to the grind and back to reality…. I’m not going to lie, I’m already looking forward to my next break in February…lol.

What does the rest of your weekend look like?


16 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  1. Okay come too Florida and train haha! It’s going to get in the 80’s here today. I’m working my way back from injury so tomorrow I have a 60 minute long run planned my longest in three weeks. Then I start training for my spring half marathon on Monday

  2. Are those temperatures pretty typical in the northeast? It seems like every year the storms get worse and the snow falls for heavily. At least you are staying tough and building mental strength too – that will surely help during your races.

    1. Infortunately yes:/ I was just saying our winters are getting longer and colder! Im trying to tough it out for as long as poss bc you cant predict weather on race day!!! It may be 30 and windy with a snow storm or it could be 60 and perfect! It is the “great northeast” so anything is possible:(

  3. I’ve been running outside all winter so far here too, and it’s def chillier when I visited my fam over Christmas upstate than it is in NYC. Bundle up Chica! Props to you for sticking it out.

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