In Every Life a Little Ice Must Fall

One downfall to our winters is that you can never REALLY plan for a long run.  You can have a plan A and plan B but we always need a C, because let’s be honest it’s upstate NY.  So today was no exception…. there was a possibility of snow and ice and yes, of course it came.  I woke up bright and early ready to run my first long run with my running group and when I looked outside I was hit with a dose of reality… I text my coach and he said while he will still be there, seeing as I have to drive and hour, he would understand if I didn’t feel comfortable doing the drive…. sooooo…. I did what any damsel in distress would do… I woke up Michael and forced him to drive me to the gym! The one annoying thing about running on treadmills (I know there are many) but the ones at my gym shut down after an hour… my plan was to run 9 miles today, so I ran 5, stopped the treadmill and ran 4 more. I’m not going to lie, I literally wanted to walk away after 5 but I knew I would regret it plus Michael even hoped on the treadmill next to me to keep me from stopping…

part 2 of the run, part 1 wouldn't download
part 2 of the run, part 1 wouldn’t download

It was not even closest to my fastest but guess what? It’s my first real long run so it doesn’t have to be… I have 15 more weeks to improve…. this my friends is just the beginning…

And a special thank you to my gym buddy because I probably would have jumped off the treadmill way before I should have…

photo 3

Did you do your long run today? How far did you go? How do you feel about the treadmill!!!? Honestly???


6 thoughts on “In Every Life a Little Ice Must Fall

  1. Yes I did my long run today but it was also 69 degrees here. MOVE … MOVE … MOVE!!! hahaha just sayin’ lol 🙂 and the treadmill I absolutely dread but they are a necessary evil even for long runs. We just use them in reverse here aka the summer time because it gets so dreadfully hot not mentions the monsoons we get in the summer

  2. I hate treadmills…but sometimes it’s the only way to get a run in 😦 I took today off but have been cleaning our apartment so that should count as some sort of exercise, right? Hope you’re having a good day!

    1. I used to love the treadmill! I think I over did it bc now I just stare at it in hopes it disappears! Cleaning is VERY good exercise;) you can really work up a sweat;) enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

  3. Running on the treadmill is better than not running at all. At least you got it done and on a cold day when staying home wrapped in blankets is very tempting. 🙂 I don’t mind the treadmill, but it’s definitely a mood thing for me. When I am in the mood to run outside, I will do so under almost any circumstance.

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