“In the case of an emergency put on your oxygen mask first…”

Today was my rest day, however  I read an article that I loved and I found inspiring by Hungry Runner Girl that she wrote for Women’s Running title Making Time For Yourself.  In this she states that when you take a flight they tell you to apply your oxygen mask first, and you think when you fly with your child, I would of course apply theirs first… but the problem is in the time that it takes to do that you are neglecting yourself and therefore may not be able to help them in the future.  I totally get this point and I have to say it’s so true.

I’m going to say the thing that you are not suppose to say when you have children, but it’s like after you have kids you have to give up everything…. Why? Why can’t I still be the cocktail drinking, marathon running, blogging, teacher and fashionista that I love so much? Why am I suppose to give up everything that makes me happy the minute I became a mom?!

Running was my FIRST love.  I’ve been doing it for 20 years!  It has seen me through failures and victories, middle school, high school, college and graduate college, boyfriends, eating problems, engagements, weddings, births and deaths.  It doesn’t get mad at me if I don’t do it for 3 months or get annoyed when I do it everyday.  It’s there for me whenever I need it, and in today’s society when  mom’s are expected to do it all, I think we all need an outlet: mine is running.

Michael gets on my case sometimes about how I constantly am taking me time… but this is the thing… I have two kids under the age of 5 and while I love them to death, there are days they drive me INSANE.  I love my job but like most jobs there are frustrating days.  I love my family but there are days that I cannot stand them!  But when I run.. it all melts away.  I come home and hug Brady and Ella a little tighter.  I look forward to going to work knowing that yes there are things that are going to drive me nuts but the reward is far greater than the BS. And while my family may annoy me… they are my family and I love them.  I feel grateful that I have people who actually care because it could be the opposite.  But the run is a necessity.  It makes me a better person.

When I had to take the last few months off, I was a disaster.  I was miserable because I was out of shape and hated what I seen in the mirror.  I was stressed out all of the time because I had no way to get rid of it.  I would pick fights with Michael because I was frustrated that I had to give up something that I loved so much.  And of course I felt like I was always yelling at my kids because I never got “the break” that I needed.

This isn’t just about running or being a mom, this is about living and doing it happily.  It can be anything that you do that makes you feel better.  It could be reading a book or going to yoga or traveling or having girls nights out… anything that makes you feel better and it allows you to be a better person after doing it.  It doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you real.

I run to be better for these two... love them to the moon and back!
I run to be better for these two… love them to the moon and back!

As TheHungryRunnerGirl said, “Make sure to put on your oxygen mask first so that you can continue to help all of those people in your life.”

What is your oxygen mask?


7 thoughts on ““In the case of an emergency put on your oxygen mask first…”

  1. Amazing analogy! This post says what so many mommy’s need to hear! I 100% believe that making time for yourself, having an outlet, and staying healthy makes you better equipped to be a good mommy. I’m a better mom and all around person because I run, which is something I love. Putting that mommy guilt aside can be so hard sometimes and I think “put on your oxygen mask first” is a great message to spread!

    1. I hate that society makes you feel guilty for taking time for yourself… Yes we can do it all but even the best if us need me time… I got to take a bubble bath for the first time since my daughter was born on Sunday!!!! Can you imagine thats the first time i have had the time in my schedule to light some candles, grab some trashy mags, and draw a bath fir MYSELF!!!

      1. I agree with you, society has a way of making women (and people) in general feel guilty about a lot of things! No reason to feel guilty about taking time for yourself! A bubble bath sounds amazing! 🙂

  2. I don’t have kids yet, but growing up my mother and father always took the time to exercise and still do. My sister was a runner in high school (I a lacrosse player) and we are both distance runners now. I often hear “Oh I wish I had the motivation/was as committed as you.” However, I credit my parents for setting the example of having exercise as part of your weekly routine. I feel some of my friends are so worried about time lost with their kids, but I don’t ever recall feeling left behind. I don’t recall thinking much of it other than routine. Now my mom admits a lot of it was to have time to herself away from us kiddos… and who can blame her? So from a kid whose mom and dad both took time away to exercise – keep it up, you’re setting a great example for your kids and will be healthier to be around for them in the long run.

    1. Thank you and you know what that is the other part for me! I want to be a good, strong role model for my daughter. I want her to see that “strong is the new skinny” and being fit is always “in vogue”. I dont care if my kids run but i always want them to be active and enjoy being active!

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