Meet my new boyfriend…. the treadmill

I wish I was the runner who could but in high mileage all week… but I can’t.  My body totally breaks down if I do too much.  I have been running for 20 years and at no time in my life has this ever been possible.  The minute I go overboard my body gives me the old FU and starts shutting down.  First my runs get slow and then my performance suffers.  So I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what it tells me to do, regardless of what I want it to.  Needless to say I took two days off this week, which is totally fine and today I’m only running 2 miles because tomorrow is my first run with my running group and I don’t want to be too tired from my mini tempo yesterday.  My two miles will be spent where all my running has been spent this week… on the treadmill, as the high will be 12 today (no thank you).

This is where I have spent my runs this week.. same treadmill all week, this is my new boyfriend... Tread lol
This is where I have spent my runs this week.. same treadmill all week, this is my new boyfriend… Tread lol

I’m a bit OCD so I need to use this treadmill every night… If I walk in and someone is on it, I literally shut down and wait until they get off of it. It only allows one person to be next to me, I can people watch, and I feel so trapped.  I hate the ones next to the wall because I feel like I’m going to fall into the wall, and I feel like claustrophobic when I’m stuck in the middle, plus I always feel like this….


It doesn't matter who it is... it just happens naturally
It doesn’t matter who it is… it just happens naturally

Anyways, my gym closes at 9 on Fridays, and while I really didn’t want to run, I knew I would regret not doing it.  My running group has already been running together for 4 weeks… I’m the newbie and I don’t want to come in looking slow and sloppy, soooo I forced myself to run…. And I’m glad I did….

photo 2 (3)
5 sweaty miles… 8 minute pace with two miles at marathon pace…. and it felt great!

You know those days where it all just aligns… I had one of those yesterday.  8 minute pace felt like a jog (which means I’m finally getting into shape) and while my marathon pace (7:08) was hard it didn’t feel impossible… it just felt like I was running… You know the moment when you realize you are finally starting to get into shape…. it finally happened yesterday!

I always feel like a weirdo taking selfies at the gym, but I was def all smiles afterwards...
I always feel like a weirdo taking selfies at the gym, but I was def all smiles afterwards…

Today I have a 2 miler and tomorrow… tomorrow 10-14… this may not be pretty…lol

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Who has a long run? How far?

Is the treadmill becoming your other half?!



7 thoughts on “Meet my new boyfriend…. the treadmill

  1. Ohhhhh my fellow treadmill snob!!! I’m totally with you on the treadmill situation. I use the same treadmill every time lol 🙂 so feel no shame about that one sista! 🙂

  2. And also I’m a low mileage runner too. The most I’ve ever done in a week is 52. My max where I actually feel good and perform my best are when I keep the miles around 38-40 per week. I just make the most out of those miles. Quality over quantity right. 🙂

  3. I’m the same way with the treadmills!! Do you ever feel like you can’t run as well if you do jump on a different one? Since I have my own treadmill now, when I go to the gym for biking, I usually warm up 2-3 miles on a gym treadmill and I feel so slow and clunky on them. Ugh! I hate the cold, so my treadmill is definitely my best friend in the winter and on the hottest of summer days.

    I’ve found that my body can’t deal with high mileage either – at least not yet. My happy place is usually around 35-40 miles per week but I’m nowhere near that right now!

  4. That is so funny that you must have THAT particular treadmill. I know what you mean though – I definitely have my “choice” equipment too. It reminds me of always sitting in the same seat/desk in class throughout school. I like that familiarity. At least the treadmill is fancy, purple, and looks new! I can’t stand old raggedy gym equipment.

    I don’t mind the treadmill, but do prefer running outside. This morning I went out and did 10 miles and it was the perfect distance! ☺

    1. You know what’s funny?! I got to the gym on Saturday and there was someone on my treadmill… I almost had a panic attack. I walked around for like 15 minutes before I realized that he wasn’t getting off any time soon.. ugh…I DO love that we have TV’s attached to our treadmills, it takes away the monotony… 10 mile runs are the best, not too far but not too short.. I can’t wait to get back into shape….

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