I’m FINALLY not running alone…and I think I’m becoming a “serious” runner

I felt really good on Saturday so instead of 2 miles, I went three ( I know, I REALLY over did,lol). Sunday morning I woke up super excited for my first run with my running group. I layered up because while I thought it was suppose to be 30 degrees it was actually 9… Which normally would have meant that I would be hittin the treadmill, however…. I FINALLY had people to run with and I. Was. Going!

photo 1 (7)

So the deal was that we were going to do a 10k but treat it like a tempo run.  We did a 3 mile warm up and then the 10k and a 2 mile cool down.  I ran with my coach and another guy on my team (I love running with guys, it pushes me even harder because I want to be their equals).  My coach made it very clear that at no point were we to be racing. which anyone who has been following my blog knows that I am super competitive, but you also know that I am quite out of shape due to my lack of running so I guess my coach was doing me a favor, lol. The goal pace was to be between 7:15 and 7:25 and these were our splits 7:49, 7:21, 7:12, 7:16, 7:05, 7:04 and the last .2 were at 6:10 pace.  He did a good job of keeping me from going out and dying too soon and when a girl kicked passed us at the end he said, “Let her go, I know you can take her.”  It killed me, but I listened and politely let her go by.

I love that I have this group to run with two days a week. I love that I have a group to push me because at the end of that 10k when I was dying and just wanted to give up, my coach turned around and pulled me through it.  It was EXACTLY what I needed. I hope that it will be enough to get me through Boston with a kick ass time.

photo 2 (4)

This is going to be my mantra this training cycle.  I’ve waited a really long time to be here and I don’t want to throw it all away because I’m not focused or giving it my all… I even joined the local road runners club….I don’t know guys, I may become a legit runner in 2015…I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

Have you ever joined a running group? What did you think?

How was your weekend?

Is it still freezing in your area? Tomorrow is going to be 9! Freaking 9!


16 thoughts on “I’m FINALLY not running alone…and I think I’m becoming a “serious” runner

  1. I’m trying to find a running group to get connected with so that I’ll actually be motivated to run in single digit temps! We’re supposed to have freezing rain tomorrow morning, which will make getting to work and school very interesting…haha.

  2. I’m so glad you found a group that pushes you, that’s awesome! I still can’t seem to find a running group near me that I can get to without driving through horrible traffic.

  3. The only way for me to get up early and go for a long run in the dead of winter is to go with a group! I haven’t been going lately because I’ve been in recovery mode since my last marathon but I’m finally building my base again and I hope to get out with my Fleet Feet group later this month! Running groups are amazing – I’m glad you’ve gotten the push you needed from yours 🙂

  4. Ummmm anyone who can BQ the first time out is a total runner in my book! 😉 the fact that you now run with a group and have a coach just makes you a total BOSS!!! Love that mantra too!! I have never been part of a running group

  5. I usually prefer to run alone and my schedule doesn’t really allow for convenient times for groups, but sometimes I would love to have a group to run with. The accountability of a group would be awesome for those tough workouts and cold days. Keep it up!

    1. The nice thing about running groups is there us typically runnersvof all abilities…. You may even find a buddy of similar ability to help push you! You should def look into. I dont regret my decision at all!

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