And the gym saga continues…

I’m at the point where I pretty much forget what it feels like to run outside.  I did my workout on Thursday on the treadmill and I took yesterday off because honestly, it was freezing and the thought of running on the treadmill after Thursday work out made me want to throw up. Sooo, here I sit… trying to force myself to step out the door to drive to the gym to get a light run in before my long run tomorrow (which I am doing outside because it’s going to be 37-heatwave). I know if I don’t do it I’m going to regret it, so I just need to do it.

On the weekends I am typically a morning runner but this morning Ella had a play date with one of my best friends son.  There is literally nothing where we live for kiddos so when my girlfriend asked if I was interested in a play date at this place in Latham (40-50 minutes away), I jumped on the opportunity.

2 hours of non-stop play and casually twinning
2 hours of non-stop play and casually twinning

Yes, I “twin” with her as much as I can! I actually asked her this morning if she wanted to twin with me and she said “yeah mommy yeah!” There is going to be a day that she is going to say no, so I am going to absorb as much of this while I can.  The kids had soooo much fun this morning that this happened on the way home….


all tuckered out
all tuckered out

So, after a crazy morning leaving me wanting to partake in a nap, I am forced to step out of my warm house and hit the gym…. I’m soooo not into and the thought of even having to drive to the gym makes me want to crawl in a ball and hide in my bed…. but the fact of the matter is Boston waits for no one.  It will go on whether I go running or not, the only difference will be whether or not I’m prepared on Patriot’s Day…. and THAT is all the motivation I need to get out of the house….soooo my friends I’m out… wish me luck I’m going to need it!

How do you take that first step out of the door on the days you want to lay in bed all day?

How far are you going this weekend?


12 thoughts on “And the gym saga continues…

  1. Gah. Today was 9. NINE DEGREES. With a nasty windchill. I bundled up and forced myself out the door. Within minutes I was glad I had. It’s always that way. I just block it out when my teeth chatter. 🙂

  2. Ugh I hear you on this non-stop treadmill business. There are many things I hate about winter, but I will say it’s been kind of nice the past couple weeks not waking up at the crack of dawn to get my miles in before the heat & humidity wrecks my pace. Did I just find a positive? :-0
    I hope your run went well today (12 miles myself on the ‘mill myself today, Boston is definitely the motivator!)

      1. I know!! I’m in the somerville/cambridge area- the sidewalks were still icy until a rainy 45 F day yesterday!!

  3. That was me today. It was raining and I wasn’t feeling well but knew I had to get my 11 miler done one way or the other (and it ended up on the treadmill because HELLO ICE STORM). The winter temps make it so much harder! I hate running in the cold.

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