Hitting Snooze….

I know I have mentioned in past posts that I suffer from insomnia…Saturday was one of those crazy nights where I went to bed incredibly early (930) and I knew it would bite me in the butt…. and it did.  I woke up at 12am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 4, when I was suppose to get get up at 530 to get ready and make it to my group run which was an hour away….. yeah that never happened.  Apparently my alarm went off and I must have turned it off or hit snooze…either way I didn’t get up until 8 (which is when my group was suppose to meet).  Needless to say even if I had a jet plane I would not have made it. Sooooo I text my coach and promised to do it on my own.


I was kind of siked because it was suppose to hit 28, but it was also suppose to rain, so I had to time my run to avoid the rain because we all know how I feel about rain and it messing up my hair! Anywho, I headed up to Michael’s parent’s because they live about 12-14 miles away and depending on how I felt and which way I took, I would go at least 12. My coach also told me to hit between 805 and 855, so I knew I would be fine.  From the moment I took off I felt great! I think all of the treadmill miles made this outside run feel ah-mazing! Of course the first few miles were awkward as I haven’t been able to run on my own in a week, so I looked a bit like a baby deer walking for the first time… but after that it was smooth sailing…. until mile 12 where I met my very own “Heart Break Hill”… there was a point where I wanted to just stop and walk and then I said to myself, “When you get to Heart Break Hill in Boston are you going to walk?!” and my answer was hell no, so I powered through it and once I got to the top I felt good enough to go one more mile.  Honestly, I could have made it the full 14 but I was freezing and I’m having this weird pressure on my big toe (it’s not discolored or anything, I just feel pressure and when I was running it felt like it was popping off… any ideas?)


my splits
my splits

I was pretty impressed with myself! This was the end of week three for me, so I’m pretty happy where I am at with my pace! I even managed to muster up a frozen smile at the end.

photo 1 (11)

Week three is officially in the books… I have today off from work and training…. I’ve dedicated today to race planning and some qt with my kiddos! What races are you looking forward to this year? What’s the most you have ever paid for a race!?


9 thoughts on “Hitting Snooze….

  1. I LOVE that EASY run!! So fast! You’re going to kill this marathon. How has it been working with a coach? I’m considering getting one for myself for the remainder of this training cycle.

    1. Honestly, I love having someone to tell me what to do… I ran all through HS and college and always had coaches. I ran my first marathon without one and in hindsight I could have done soooo much better had I had one… IF I continue running marathons I will def continue working with a coach!

  2. Awesome job! It’s great when everything falls together for a good long run. Congrats in getting it done, speedy! 🙂

  3. You are so speedy!! I realize I keep missing your posts sadly, bc you’re not on my bloglovin’ feed and I rarely check em on my phone! Sorry girl. I’m stoked for the Bk half and hope you decide to run it- keep me posted!

  4. I get that same deer in the headlights look and feeling when I can finally run outside after days on end on the treadmill. It’s so refreshing to finally be out in nature when we get the chance though 🙂
    Race planning sounds like an amazing way to spend some time on an off day! I only have 2 halves + Boston on tap for this year. My half that I signed up for in May (Pittsburgh) was $127!! Hopefully you have luck finding cheaper races…

  5. I continue to be impressed with your speed and determination! That was seriously an “easy” run?? What would you consider a hard run these days? Haha. Have fun with your kiddos and race planning (so fun!) – the triathlons I have signed up for are definitely expensive – the Ironman put a dent in my pocket.

    1. Races are getting pricey…. it’s tough to choose AND keep up in the fashion world..lol. Honestly, that run was nice. My coach has been pulling me back and THAT is hard for me… like I can’t run whatever I want… I don’t know how to run easy. I know that sounds nuts but honestly, to run a 9 min mile is stressful and thought of doing it, puts me over the edge. My coach wanted me at like 8-855 and that is just “too hard” for me to hit. not always but when it’s just me and my music, it feels right…. is that nuts?! When are you in NYC, I wanna meet up

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