“She’s so lucky…”


Typically on Wednesday I like to talk about “what up” in my life and in general… and while today is no different my title  says it all.  I took Monday off as my normal rest day and I was so exhausted that I decided to use my second rest day on yesterday.  It was definitely needed and I am ready to rumble tonight at the gym…yes, back to the gym (LAME).

Anywho, Monday I went to meet Michael for lunch and he was talking to two ladies he works with.  I got out of the car to move to the passenger seat and one of the ladies said to him, “Wow, she is so lucky that she is in such great shape after two kids”. If we were on TV this is where the show would pause, and I would pop up and go into my rant.  Luckily, Michael has heard me rant about this enough where he immediately informed him that I would probably not say that I am “lucky” to be in such great shape, especially when I had run 13 miles in the freezing cold the day before.  That shut them up quickly.

I know this rant has come up before with me and other bloggers in the past but here is my truth…  I am NOT genetically blessed, and the reason I know it, is because I know what happens to my body when I am not running.  I love to eat and I love my cocktails and “lucky” enough for me… I love to run.  What I am not, is “lucky”.  I wouldn’t consider running 13 miles (or any miles for that matter)  in the freezing cold on Sunday morning lucky, nor would I say that hitting the gym at 10pm so that I don’t miss more time with my kids is lucky.  I wouldn’t say running for hours on a treadmill makes me lucky and I most certainly wouldn’t say having to miss out on things so I can get work outs and long runs in makes me lucky either.

I AM lucky that I have been blessed with the ability to run and run far.  I am blessed that I have a great and understanding support system. I am lucky that I found a running group to fuel my fire and make me a better runner.  I am lucky that I have blog friends that understand my “lifestyle” and cheer me on from where they stand. I am lucky that I have friends and family that cheer me on and build me up no matter how crazy my dreams and goals are.  I am lucky that this year I will have the opportunity to run Boston with some tremendous athletes. THAT my friends makes me lucky.  I could just as easily be sitting on my couch, doing nothing but than I guess I wouldn’t be that lucky;).

I really am...
I really am…

What makes you really lucky?

Have you ever had people say that you were so lucky for being in such great shape?

What up on your Wednesday?!


15 thoughts on ““She’s so lucky…”

  1. Yes I have been told that, especially after my daughter was born. I was in pretty good shape on and off before her, but I’m in the best shape of my life now. BUT I also work waaaaaaay harder for it now than I ever did before. So luck has nothing to do with it!

  2. I like how you make the focus on the hard work and effort and sacrifices we women runners and fitness junkies put in to keep ourselves healthy and fit. I’ve had people tell me I’m lucky I actually love to run, which is different than saying I’m lucky I’m in great shape- so I don’t mind that, as I DO consider myself fortunate I enjoy running. Hard work pays off, that’s the crux of it all! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Im glad you got my message…. I just wish sometimes people looked at the big picture. With clothes on yes i look slender but in workout clothes you can see that im an athlete abd the hard work i have put in… Unfortinately, they dont see all that i have sacraficed and how far i’ve come… They see a “pretty little” snapshot:/

  3. I’ve gotten that and still get that on occasion. But the thing I get the most that raises the hairs on my back is when people say … “give it to him to eat he runs he can eat anything” … ugh

  4. It’s easy for people to make generalizations and assumptions about others because then they don’t have to scrutinize themselves. You know you work hard for it, and Michael knows, and someday your kids will know too, and that’s what matters.

  5. I had a similar rant a few years ago. I was on a beach with some friends and some other girls I’d met only a handful of times. One of the girls complimented me on my figure and another(who i didn’t know well at the time) said ‘yeah we would all look like that if we hadnt had kids either!’
    I ranted in my head, I didn’t say anything as i didnt want to embarass her but my body had been through a full term pregnancy, i didnt have kids because sadly i lost my baby and at that particular time i was getting up at 5am to work my ass off in the gym before work as after work i was helping my mum care for my dad!
    .. But yeah everyone assumed my bikini body came easy!
    Its like that old saying “never judge a book by its cover” xo

      1. Aww thank you ❤
        I know she didn't mean it, and if she'd known she would never have said it. I'm really good friends with her now, we even work out together, ironically she now has a better bikini body than I do..and she had twins!

  6. This is such a good way to look at the picture. I’ve been through the same thing before and I usually respond with the fact that it’s not luck, it’s hard work. But you know what? Some of the other factors involved – family, work, passion, work, etc – definitely help! Lucky you. Lucky me. 😉 Have a great day!

  7. I can relate to this in so many ways. I have actually been told (by people who know my parents) that I am fortunate to have athletics in my genes. It’s true that both of my parents have extreme athletic backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean I am going to. It takes work and desire to work out, set goals, and put in the time to achieve them. It’s not about luck at all. If it were, I could do nothing all the time and have a six pack, right? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. Anyone can be athletic and in shape, it just takes a lot of work and effort.

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