A Little Bit of Running, A lot of Girl time and My first race of the year

I was seriously disappointed that I missed entry into the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  By the time I sat down to fill out the info, it was full… I guess I wasn’t meant to run it.  However, I AM running the Hyannis Half Marathon in Massachusetts in February while one of my fellow bloggers that I love and adore is running the full.  Yup there will be many pics! I. CAN’T. WAIT!

Mercury’s status of being in retrograde has greatly kicked my butt this week and honestly, my training has not been great.  I did manage to get my hill work out in on Thursday on the treadmill (no not my boyfriend because someone was monopolizing him) but on a treadmill none the less.

photo 1 (12)photo 5

I think the slower pace made it that much harder for me… by the end I pumped it up to 7.1 and by then I was just holding on.

Friday,  I got to have a  much needed girls night with these two ladies.  Between work, school, kids, and everything else, it’s very rare that the “stars align” or maybe it was Mercury and we can get together.  So I put Ella and Brady to bed, threw on my cowgirl boots and met my girls for a few cocktails.

Friends for over 20 years
Friends for over 20 years

We totally painted the town beige and we were home by 11.  Listen, the days of rolling in at 5am just don’t exist for us, but we had the best time… filled with lots of laughter and lots of catching up… Hangovers are not an option in Mommywood and marathon training for that matter.

Part of my new year goals this year was that I wanted to get my self back.  Meaning I wanted to start taking more time for me and doing things that make me feel good about myself.  It’s me “applying my oxygen mask first”.  Ella woke me up bright and early at 530am (see thank God I didn’t get home at 5), and was ready to go.  So we woke up, decided to casually twin and hit up Target for some food and fun stuff.

photo 4 (3)
casual twinning

Instead of getting my hair done, I chose to go with eyelash extensions.  It’s quite the process and it takes about an hour and a half, so one of my new coworkers that I totally love was awesome enough to sit and talk to me the whole time … then afterward we went for mani’s:)

my new lashes
my new lashes
I'm obsessed with this color, this pic doesn't do it justice.... its Marilyn Merlot
I’m obsessed with this color, this pic doesn’t do it justice…. its Marilyn Merlot

And tonight it’s just me and Ella because Brady went to his Mema’s.  So we are having a crazy night filled with popcorn, chick flicks and lots of cuddles.

Girls Night
Girls Night

Slightly different from Friday night’s girl’s night but I love it just the same.  She is literally one of my favorite people ever and while I haven’t run in two days, the events of the two days were like chicken noodle soup for my soul.  Sunday is a definite long run with my running group, followed by hanging out with one more of my favorite girls and her son.  And while it may not have been the perfect training week, this weekend was exactly what I needed.

Have you ever taken a few days off in the middle of a training cycle to mentally reboot?

Did you all see the new Boston jacket? What do you think?

I'm digging it!
I’m digging it!



5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Running, A lot of Girl time and My first race of the year

  1. I LOVE your matching outfits – down to the boots and everything!! It’s perfect 😀
    I’m sorry you didn’t get into Brooklyn. That’s a race that closes in a few short hours. But I’m glad to hear you’ll be at Hyannis!! I am signed up for that half as well…but have just suffered a minor injury setback and may switch to the 10k if I can :/ I look forward to seeing you speed by there! 🙂

    1. OMG you are?! This is sooo exciting! We will have to meet up for at least a photo op! Soooo exciting! (not about your injury but I get excited about knowing people esp when my races are not local for me!)

  2. I can’t wait for our race! i keep meaning to ask you what your planned pace is for it….I didn’t know if you are planning on using it as a workout or you are going to “race” it!! I know if you are “racing” that obviously, your goal is going to be faster than 1:30! I am aiming to hit the half by 1:31-1:33 (1:33 if i’m having an “off” day!) because my goal is 3:08…I think it’s doable for me! 🙂 I’m so excited!! 🙂
    I love the twinning…you two are so adorable!! And i paint the town beige too…I’m WAY too tired to have fun that goes past 10pm!!! 🙂

    1. Honestly I’d be happy with that 1:30 or better… I’m racing but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Do we start together?! Could we run a bit of it together?! Are you staying in Hyannis?! What are your plans! If it’s too much email me and we can discuss

      1. I didn’t see this until just now!!! 🙂
        We do start together at the exact same time..It’s not THAT big of a race that there are SO many people..I think 400 marathoners and maybe 1000 half marathoners?…it’s a double loop course, so technically someone running the half and someone running the full could do a whole loop together! I am staying in Hyannis! at the moment I don’t remember where (i booked it a while ago!) but I have the name of the hotel at work 🙂 Let’s discuss even further…I love a good strategy!!

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