It’s been happening for a long… my iphone has been on the fritz for a while… but I’m being cheap. Not really. I just don’t feel that when I’m eligible for an “upgrade” I should have to pay 200 bucks in addition to the 200 I’m paying every month… Remember free upgrades… wtf happened to those.  Anyways, I had this fabulous post about yesterdays run planned in my head with lots of pics and my recap and then….. my phone died and was sent to the iphone grave.  I realized today how reliant I am on it. I know 2 phone numbers besides my own.  WHAT?! Remember when we had to remember everyones number?! Like, I can remember my childhood landline number but I can’t remember my dads cell number! How did this happen?!

Anyways… there are no pics but my coach wanted us to do 9.3 at race pace.  Was it hard?! Hell yes?! Did I get through it?! Yes? Am I here to discuss today?! Yes. It was hella windy, but the sun was shining and when you weren’t running into the wind the run felt like heaven on earth.  When you were running into the wind it felt like I was going to to get thrown into the next state… not sooooo fun.  We are doing  a race series but treating them as workouts which means no racing…. which I will discuss in a later blog….but somehow managed to get first in my age group…. no hardware here, they gave out bread….lol…

Anywho, I miss my phone… it’s my alarm, my easy access to my blog, my fb, my text mess, my camera…MY LIFE! So I’m pretty much miserable until I get my new one… Michael better get on it today!

What would you do without your cell?

Do you have a land line?


3 thoughts on “DAMN YOU IPHONE….

  1. I forgot my phone at home the other day and was weirdly anxious without it. I can’t imagine not having it for more than the few hours I was at work. I hope you get your new one soon!

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