Happy Snow Day & My Not So Great Long Run

Let me back up to yesterday’s run…the schedule called for 14 miles and while I’m just coming back from being ill I totally thought I had this run in the bag because my coach had me set at a very slow pace.  In my crazy head I was going to fly through the work out and be able to tell my coach how amazing my run was, in reality I struggled to get through 10 miles of pure hell.  I have no excuses and all I can say is I’m soooo disappointed that I couldn’t push myself to get through it. I was only 4 miles, but the struggle between miles 7 to 10 made me know that the other 4 were just NOT going to happen.

IMG_4766 IMG_4765

I don’t even have a post work out selfie because I was THAT depressed about my workout. After my workout there was lots of snuggling with miss ella because I passed what I had on to her and wallowing in my pathetic “long” run….but luckily I have an awesome coach who builds me up…

best coach ever
best coach ever

So I was able to shake it off and go enjoy my friends awesome super bowl party with this guy

we didn't watch much of the game but we had a hell of a time....
we didn’t watch much of the game but we had a hell of a time….

And the weather guys finally got one right! This is what I woke up to this AM… so you know what that means… snow day with my loves and lots of free mini workouts of shoveling… yes I love shoveling…

My backyard at 7am
My backyard at 7am

Happy Monday and yes I really mean it!

What it like right now where you live?

Have you ever had a long run go wrong?


8 thoughts on “Happy Snow Day & My Not So Great Long Run

  1. Hang in there and keep ya’ head up chica!!! I’ve had many long runs go wrong and they are always followed by something epic!! Sooooo you’ve got something good coming your way! 🙂

    1. and that’s the way I tried to look at it. It’s better than nothing at all and not bad after a week of doing nothing but laying in bed… it’s just soooo disheartening when I have had some great runs, but I guess you can’t PR every day

  2. I had to shovel today too! No snow day for me, but I got to work from home so that’s something right?! Your coach sounds wonderful and is absolutely right. You were just sick and you still have plenty of time to get tons of good long runs in. In fact, I see an awesome long run coming your way soon! 🙂

  3. We got a blizzard here too, but I’m not training for anything! I just went out & had fun in the snow! Sorry your workout wasn’t a good one for you, but, next one will be better!

  4. Oh yes I’ve had them go horribly wrong. But you did what you needed to do and just shook it off!
    I love that you love shoveling. I don’t mind it much, but we haven’t really had anything to shovel around here. Just light dustings of snow.

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