The Beauty of Boston

I was hoping I’d feel better after my rest day and tell you about my amazing gym run, however that is not the case.  However, as I sit here in front of my laptop the words are just flowing… and what I want to talk about today is my love for Boston.  Not the city (which is also amazing) but the race.

I’ve been a runner since forever.  It’s really all I know. For those of you that have been following me, you know I began as a sprinter and the idea of a marathon seemed like “something I wanted to do SOMEDAY”.  As I matured as a runner, so did my love of distance running.  It was in college when my real dream of doing NYC and Boston started to really form, but even then it was a pipe dream. I had no idea the amount of training and pain that was ahead of me. I always knew I wanted to be a marathoner but I honestly never thought I had it in me but after listening to and reading about others journey’s I decided that I was certainly going to die trying….


I feel lucky in saying that my journey to Boston was shorter than most.  People try their entire lives and never qualify.  So, that fact that I am sitting here saying that I ran a marathon in Buffalo last May just to get one under my belt for my fall marathon (that coincidently never happened), and qualified by total accident…. is genuinely a dream come true.  I don’t know if it really has hit me yet, and to be blantantly honest, I don’t know if it will until I’m standing at the starting line on April 20th.

I’ve read hundreds of articles, watched hundreds of videos, every one ends in the same… in tears.  Every story is beautiful (good or bad), the time that people put into training and their hopes and dreams of the perfect race, the emotion of pictures, and the moments they stepped over the finish line… pure beauty.  It could be just an average person like you or me or the story of Shalene Flanagan, both journeys are beautiful in there own right.

Beautiful… just beautiful….
Keep your eye on the prize….

This  picture is more powerful to me than her leading the pack... because this shows that she is just like me and that gives me hope of one day running a sub 3 hour marathon.....some day
This picture is more powerful to me than her leading the pack… because this shows that she is just like me and that gives me hope of one day running a sub 3 hour marathon…..some day

Tonight I sat with Elle and watched random videos of people running heart break hill…. there was soooo much beauty to this moment.  First, sharing these moments with my daughter.  I love showing her the beauty in strength and power, and that strong really is the knew skinny.  I loved hearing the beauty in the crowds cheering on complete strangers and the love from the complete strangers embracing the love of strangers.  I loved knowing that in a few short months I will become one of those runners looking to the crowd  of strangers for love and support to get me up heart break hill, and finally my favorite part of that moment I shared with my daughter was when she said, “mommy, I run like you?”…. Beautiful.

There are millions of pictures of people running the Boston Marathon and almost every single one brings tears to my eyes.  I understand the beauty of that moment and I hope that one day someone can look at my pictures from the Boston Marathon and feel inspired the way I do…

Some days I just need a little inspiration….


I think this was EXACTLY what I needed…

Do you have a Holy Grail race?

Do pics from races bring a tear to your eye or inspire you?


8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Boston

  1. I’ve run Boston 6 times and I still get emotional. I finished my first 2 Bostons with my daughter jumping in on Boylston Street. That was awesome.
    Enjoy your training and the race. There is truly something special about Boston.

      1. I always run on a “charity” number through companies I work for. HP got me in the race 4 times.
        I would say to look at the BAAs qualifying time for your age. Look at your marathon PR and see how much time you need to cut.
        What does your number look like? I still need to cut 16 minutes off of my marathon PR to qualify. Not easy.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. To this day the iconic theme tune for the tv coverage of the London marathon brings a tear to my eye and I only have to look at my Paris marathon pics to feel emotional! There’s something about the distance that is sure to play havoc with your emotions and I’m reminded of that every time I cross a marathon finish line.

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