Feeling like myself again… well kind of

Last week was kind of weird for me because while my mind wanted to go running my body was screaming “hell no!”.  I would basically come home, eat dinner and fall asleep in my chair… total opposite of normal life because I typically have trouble falling asleep….So I listened and Sunday morning, even though it was bitter cold and we got quite a bit of snow, I decided to make the trek to my running group because if I didn’t…. I would have never started running again.

It was soooo cold! I literally took 3 showers to warm up from this....
It was soooo cold! I literally took 3 showers to warm up from this….

My coach believes in the long SLOW run which, those of you who know me, know that is not how I run.  But that is exactly what I needed. Not to mention the wicked slushy and snow covered streets also put a ca-bosh on that as well. I ran the first 12 conservatively and when my coach stopped to use the bathroom I took off for the last two.  I’m not going to lie I’m sore today, but I’m SOOOO happy I ran yesterday.  Half of the battle really is getting out the door and the other half for me is mental.  I’m miserable when I’m cold so I running outside on days like this is a success all in itself.

yep that's a giant snow bank behind me.... and we got more snow in the last 24 hours....
yep that’s a giant snow bank behind me…. and we got more snow in the last 24 hours….
not a PR by any means, but I got it in!

After my run, I went home and snuggled with my sick girl:( We continue to pass whatever it is we have back and forth.  I hope by Boston I will be able to breath out of both nostrils!

love her
love her

and in case you were wondering….this was the countdown as of yesterday!


It’s so close yet so far and I’m kind of happy about that because this girl has a lot of work!

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Feeling like myself again… well kind of

    1. Girl! Let me tell you… I definitely didn’t want to but I needed a jump start and that was the only way I was going to get one…. after my run I had to get gas and I was shaking violently because I was sooooo cold…. it’s an evil necessary if I can swing it…. I hated every bit of it… but its done…. thank goodness!

  1. I COMPLETELY AGREE with you on the struggle to get out the door and beat the mental battle. It’s hard to go slow when you’re freezing too, because there’s nothing else to take your mind of it! If you’re working hard, at least you can focus on how tired you are or that you’re ready to stop…
    Great job getting the run in and I hope you & your girl feel better for good soon!

    1. Ugh it’s been soooo crappy here even leaving the house to go to the gym is a battle! (Luckily target is near by)… At this point it’s just about getting it in, the results will come…. Eventually! Except another snow storm is due to start Thursday here… REALLY?! Ugh

  2. Good for you for getting out there and running even with that freezing snowy weather! You are speedy too – wish I could be that fast! Hope you guys feel better soon!

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