Sick again and The Race that Never Happened….

I know I have been MIA but I’m still sick… I’m hopeful that I’m on the mend however I thought this before and I was so sick last week that I lost my voice…lol.  So lets just hope that things are looking up for me.  But like most of the northeast we have been pounded with snow and frigid temps so my training that I did squeeze in was spent with my boyfriend the treadmill. However, over the last week I have managed to do a hill workout (on the treadmill) and a few longer NOT long runs.  I am by no means feeling like my old self but after yesterday’s run I’m feeling much better….

FINALLY starting to hit "Tantra Times"
FINALLY starting to hit “Tantra Times”

I have been talking with my girl Nicole over at thegirlwhoraneverywhere and had decided to FINALLY meet up and run a race together.  Apparently, mother nature has other plans and our race was canceled…. I’m sooo disappointed.  It’s hard to stay motivated when temps dip so low and the snow never seems to stop, so this was a fun way to keep moving.  It’s also hard when you have put in so much work for it just to not happen.  I’m not going to lie my training was spotty, but I know Nicole not only put her heart into this cycle but was ready to pop some serious times.  I’ve said it before and Ill say it again… sometimes stars don’t align and sometimes the perfect race doesn’t doesn’t happen, but it’s upsetting when you don’t even have the opportunity to race.


There will be other races and lucky for me I have plenty of time to really get ready for Boston…. Happy Tuesday (kinda)!


Have you ever had a race cancelled so close to the run date?

How have you all been!?


18 thoughts on “Sick again and The Race that Never Happened….

  1. I’m so sorry for you all! This seems to be the question of the day. As you might remember 2 out of my first 4 races were canceled this season … ugh!!! Hope you are back to 100% soon chica!

      1. Fortunately I got full refunds on both races which never happens and I just trained for and extra 2 weeks since all of my races early in the season which stacked tight

  2. Ugh, I share in the frustration over sickness. I’ve picked up a nasty cold that’s obviously not getting any better when I choose to run outside…
    Serious bummer that the race was cancelled! Esp when it sounds like your friend Nicole was using it as a goal race. I had a 5k get cancelled on me in 2013, but that was an easy fix since those are a dime a dozen.

    1. I know I can’t seem to shake whatever it is that I have. I hope you feel better soon bc it’s a total bummer ESP in the middle of a training cycle. My original plan for this half was a to break 1:30 and hopefully qualify for NYC… Ugh so there goes two goals:( but there will be more races I guess. The irony is that it’s suppose to hit 30 degrees on Sunday! First time in ages:(

  3. I’m so sad for us! Especially because we were going to get out there and run almost half of my race together, and lots of yours!!! wahhhhhh!!!!!! This means that we will have to do some running on Boston and perhaps we will be each other’s running buddies during that! 😉 xo doll. I’m depressed today, still!
    On the positive side, you’re doing fantastic and I hope that you lock that cold OUT!!! Xoxoxo

    1. I’m sooooo mad for us both! We both had some big goals and just like that it’s just a thought:( it’s supposed to be like 30 on Sunday! What the frig:( I’m going to shop to drown out my sorrows:( are u going to find an alternative race?

      1. I don’t know. There really aren’t many around here and I don’t want to travel either. I registered for a couple local shorter races (2/28-18.3, 3/7-20miler, 3/15-half marathon) but it’s just not the same! I wanted a full marathon on a course I had experience with! Grrrr. Are you registering for any more halfs before Boston?

      2. ugh I don’t know. I’m in whoa is me mode…lol. My running group has been talking about doing one that is like an hour away… I would really like to get some racing in ya know… ugh!

  4. I’m so sorry about the cancellation! I know you were looking forward to this. I too am a little upset, but seeing as I am just coming back into running from an injury, it wasn’t the worst of timing for me. I didn’t expect a refund either, but they really didn’t offer great alternatives, especially for those who were going out of their way to travel to this race :/

    I hope you feel much better soon so you can keep up that training for Boston! You’re gonna do great!

    1. Thanks girlie!

      You know I thought the same thing. I’m like from out of town and you want me to pick up my medal (not that I want it) and shirt how? And to be honest, I am not interested in running the other races and I can’t commit to next year already. I think it’s bad luck (this is just me) to plan that far in advance especially when I haven’t even run my “big” races this year… oh well… I was just excited to finally be able to meet up with some fellow bloggers. Luckily, I was able to cancel my hotel free of charge!

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