Back to work+two sick kiddos+marathon training in new awesome socks= falling behind

Ugh… I am back to work and while that thrills me that means falling back into a routine and getting my school and real kiddos back into routine.  In the beginning of the week Ella was sick and at the end Brady was sick… some times with little ones, you just can’t catch a break…. the only silver lining is that I am FINALLY feeling better.

Last Sunday was the best run in a long time.  My coach wanted our splits to be no faster than 8:15 but the sun was shining and I felt amazing…… however, when the sun went down I turned into a frozen pumpkin…. but my coach was till happy and therefore I won’t complain… ok, maybe a little.

My view on Sunday's Run
My view on Sunday’s Run


somehow I'm still smiling.... somehow.
somehow I’m still smiling…. somehow.

As you know I live in upstate NY and lets be honest, it has not been warm in these parts since like August…lol…. ok… October.  Anyways, I’m miserable if my hands or feet are cold when I’m running.  I solved the hand issue with my Manzalla mittens, but my feet were still freezing.  The half marathon coach in our running group works at Fleet Feet and she suggested these amazing socks…Feetures! I’m literally OBSESSED!!!! Check them out.. they are not cheap but they are amazing!

When I got home, I took my snowy shoes off at the door and this little munchkin decided to do this…

“I run like mommy?” Hell yes!

I got a few great runs in this week and today as I was dreading yet another hill workout in on the treadmill, I got a bit of inspiration from a friend….


As I was getting on the treadmill a friend that I went to grad school came up to me and told me how much my fb posts inspires her and how she has lost over 100lbs running! How much running has changed her life and how great she feels! She looks amazing and honestly her genuine words inspired me to keep moving through my workout tonight even though I wanted to desperately give up… the quote above is so fitting… I love what I do. I love to run! I love to blog and if I inspire people along the way than that is awesome.  As I sit here tonight and write this final paragraph I feel so inspired! Her words touched my heart so much that it makes me want to work harder to be better… a better runner, a better blogger, a better person.  I guess you never know the impact of a moment until it’s over…. but let me tell you… today’s moment changed me… Thank you Kerrie!

Have you ever had a moment that changed you?!


10 thoughts on “Back to work+two sick kiddos+marathon training in new awesome socks= falling behind

  1. I love that your little one wants to be just like you. 🙂 That would make it all worthwhile for me. Way to brave the cold and get in the speedy miles. You are just cruisin’ girlfriend!! Way to inspire your friend and set an example of healthy living. That’s great that she reached out to you and let you know how much you influenced her. 🙂

    1. I love that I can reach people without even knowing or meaning to. Just by being me:) I appreciate it sooo much! I love that Ella wants to be like me! I’m happy to be showing her good habits that will hopefully follow her through her life.

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