I Need More Hours in a Day or More Days in a Week

My week of running has been a bit pathetic and to be honest I am losing motivation… even motivation wall can’t save me. I think I had an easier time last year because I had races to look forward to and train for…. recently I have only been training for Boston and with it being soooo far away I am getting bored, it must be my ADHD,

Last Sunday I over slept and missed my long run with my group.  I never made it up due to crappy weather.  Monday I worked during the day then picked up a shift at the restaurant, Tuesday I worked during the day and then I came home and made these awesome cupcakes for Brady’s class (yes I’m THAT mom, and no I can’t just buy something premade…#sorrynotsorry).

cookie monster
cookie monster

Wednesday was another double for me… Thursday I worked all day and then brought Elle to her first swimming lesson.


Can you tell she loves the water…lol.  She literally cried when we had to leave and she asks me every morning if we are going swimming….

And Friday I finally made it to the gym.  I love my gym…. I walked in and the girl at the counter asked me if I was a marathoner…. I kind of gave her the deer in head lights look because I don’t know if running one marathon makes me an actual marathoner.  So I responded with “kinda”.  Can you kinda be a marathoner? I don’t know maybe that is a good post for another day…lol.  Anywho, she then said that they watch me run for hours on the treadmill and they find it so amazing and that they looked up my age and couldn’t believe that I was 32! I don’t know if it was the confidence boost pre workout but the 5 miles my coach told me to do felt amazing! 3 miles at 8 min pace, 1 mile at 730 pace and 1 mile at 713 pace.


Today life is crazy again.  There is a kidz expo in albany, we are bringing Brady tubing, and my girlfriend and her hubby want to go snow mobile riding.  I know I should be running right now but I’m FINALLY taking some time to relax.  A five letter word that I know very little about….. I’m hoping that at some point tomorrow I can squeeze in a long run, but than again who knows.  I have a huge observation for work this week and I wasn’t there, so this girl is playing catch up…. Is it too early to start looking forward to summer vacation?!


9 thoughts on “I Need More Hours in a Day or More Days in a Week

  1. Tantra you totally rock!!! Because of your dedication I have been pushing myself to get 5 miles in under 45 min, the past few days I did it! And yesterday I went to the gym twice and did a combined 8 miles!! So you take your break/rest when you can and then get back at it because I can’t wait to hear all about the Boston marathon! You’re gonna do great!!!!

    1. Awww thank you Kerrie! That’s an awesome time! Are you doing any road races? I need to get back out there and racr so I can get motivated for Boston! I need to compete! Keep up the good work! You are doing awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the Cookie Monster cupcakes. Every since I have hit the second trimester, I have the urge to bake. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes… I want to bake it all. So crazy.

    Yay for swimming lessons. What an exciting time for you and your daughter.

    If I walked into the gym and someone said that to me, “we watch you run for hours, it’s amazing”, I would march myself to the treadmill and have the best run ever! What a compliment. ☺

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