Can you believe I was once a sprinter…. 12594…..

Another nutty week…. basically the same as last week….soooo much to do with so little time.  I think I need another month to really prepare for Boston….but Lesbihonest…. it’s coming regardless if I am ready or not.  And you know how I know? Bc this is my reality…


I have been running just haven’t had much time to write… I swear I need a stand in for me some days… another week of working two doubles and swimming for Ella… leaves very little time to train, but some how I managed to squeeze in an 800 work out yesterday and let me tell you, I was siked. I was suppose to get it done Thursday but Ella’s swim location and my gym are in two completely different towns, therefore it just wasn’t happening. So Friday morning I packed my gym bag, went to work, did 5 hours of parent teacher conferences and then drove myself to the gym.  My typical treadmill was in use (shocking), so I had to hop on a rando in the middle (yes, I had a half panic attack), and I went to town on this work out….

FullSizeRender (1)
I’m not going to lie, it looked a bit scary but he put my 5k pace as 645… so it wasn’t horrible…but it’s 800s and that is kinda my love
The end result…

I did the first 5 at 713 pace

the next 2 at 703

the following one at 654

the last one at 644…and it felt awesome!

I love distance running so much.  I keep saying after next year no more marathons… but than I start thinking about what my life would be like without running…. I would be miserable…. So I have decided that I will let my body dictate when I hang out my running shoes.  I will continue to run marathons until I can’t any more, because I DO love the distance.  It’s hard to believe that I once was a sprinter…. but I needed those short runs, they are what shaped me into the distance runner I am…Happy weekend friends what have you guys been up to….

What is your favorite workout in training?

Do you ever feel like you overbook yourself?


12 thoughts on “Can you believe I was once a sprinter…. 12594…..

  1. So excited for you to run in the Boston Marathon! As I’ve already mentioned you truly are my inspiration for running!!! So when you have “time” I’d like to meet for coffee or anything to chit chat about running!!! Have a fabulous weekend 😃

  2. Nice work speedy! And even though I love me some tempo runs, my most favorite workout are 800’s. It allows me turn back the clock to the days when running the Oval Office was my drug of choice 😉

  3. I totally understand the panic attack when “your” treadmill is taken. I don’t love the treadmill, I feel like there is a little bond between the one I regularly use and me. Almost like my bond with my car. Super weird, I know.
    Nice job on those 800s! I kind of have a love affair with 5ks, so I love short speed intervals – 400s are my favorite. I remember being bitter one year in track when my coach tested me in the 400 and I had the 5th best time on the team with no speed training. But he kept me on the distance roster while the 4 x 400 team went to states and I merely made it to regionals for the mile and 2 mile. I had wanted to be an alternate so badly. Good thing there’s more to life than high school track and field 😉

    1. Isn’t funny how when you are in the thick of it and living it you think it’s the end of the world?! I always wish that I had tried even harder in hs but then I think maybe I would be burnt out by now. I was a good athlete but I def had way more potential. Honestly, I think it drives me more now… I keep thinking how far I have come….

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