Why Can’t I Get Excited

The struggle is real my friends!

Here’s the thing….I’m finally doing it… I’m finally running Boston…. and for some reason I just can’t get excited!

On Sunday I had a fantastic 20 miler…. I felt fantastic all day yesterday afterwards! I’m just not use to it… again my coach held me back for the first 15 miles and the last 15 miles he let me go! It felt so amazing! And while there were a lot of 8+ min miles it all felt amazing and easy. My issue falls not in my long runs but in my inability to get excited for something that I have wanted for so long.

I have a million pics from this week… but my reality is real… I’m just not that excited… I’m just not that into it….why? why after chasing something for so long? Why can’t I get excited!?


7 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get Excited

  1. I honestly think you are just at that point in your training where you are mentally/physical tired… there is still a lot of time before the race… and you know the taper is ahead. I think in the week and days leading up to the race, you will get more excited. I go through those moments of blah too when it comes to preparing for a big race. You can’t be excited all the time – it would take up too much time and energy. 🙂

  2. maybe you’re over thinking it? maybe you want to be excited SO BADLY that the reality of not feeling all glitter and gumdrops and entirely DIFFERENT is sort of weighing you down? maybe if you just treat it like another race — another fun, awesome race for which you’re totally prepared and at which you’re MEANT to be — you won’t kill yourself with expectations? sometimes the things we most want to enjoy in life end up disappointing us because they can’t live up to our own ideals — and if we just let go of that, and let ourselves take it all in moment by moment, we might be surprised. 🙂

    1. I love this! You know what!? Maybe you’re totally right! Maybe for once in my life I should just go with the flow (which I’m totally not that girl, but may have to be for once in my life)…. This may have inspired my next blog;) thanks girl

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