The Time I Got Knocked on My Ass

Soooo I thought what I needed was a race under my belt to get me ready for Boston… What I got was 24 mph winds that gave me a true dose of reality….

I know, I know….. 24 mph winds aren’t necessarily reality but my problem is that that was my reality on Saturday… I had two speeds: slow and slower and when I finished in 1:36:50… part of me crumbled… I watched girls pass me and there was nothing.  What is that?! How did I feel nothing?! Oh, that’s right…. my battle was not against the other women in the race but the winds that were literally tossing my ass across the boardwalk.




The bottomline is that we all ran the same race.  We were all in the same conditions…. I…. just came in 5th…. which two weeks from my marathon puts me in a bad mental place…. My coach loves to talk goals… so as of today… these are my unofficial goals…

Goal A: Finish and enjoy the experience

Goal B: Requalify for next year

Goal C: PR

I’m literally terrified…. ugh… not where I hoped to be  2 wks out…


6 thoughts on “The Time I Got Knocked on My Ass

  1. No worries Tantra … YOU ARE STRONG!!! There are no defeats only learning experiences. Use this and channel it at Boston. And you put up an amazing race despite what you might feel or think at the moment. To clock a time like that in 24mph winds is pretty epic!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you.. and you are so right! I can’t let one race bring me down and it wasn’t horrible, I just had high expectations and that is why I have decided to go to Boston and enjoy the experience because I may not get this opportunity again. If I run amazing awesome… if not, I got to enjoy the experience.

  2. Even on a windy day, you still run faster than 99% of us! You should be proud of yourself, girl! We all have “bad days” or races that don’t go our way. Think of this experience as getting that “bad race” out of the way and now you are ready to rock n roll for Boston! Just remember, a lot of it has to do with our mindset. Stay strong and believe in yourself!

    1. I love you! You are right… I’d rather have my bad race Easter Weekend that on Patriots Day! I’m finally getting excited! I think I needed that bad race paired with this week off and a great workout….

  3. girl — not to minimize the fact that you are upset with yourself, which is understandable, as the person we all most need to please is our inner self — but you seriously killed that race, in my opinion, esp considering the wind. i’d kill to run a half in that time! you’re strong and amazing and you will be so awesome in Boston.

    1. Thank you! I think I just needed time to sulk and lick my wounds lol. As long as we don’t have winds like that on April 20th I think I will be ok… lol.. if so… I may be walking the second half of that race…lol

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