Adios 2015, Bring on 2016

Since my last post a lot of things have happened in life… Michael and I chose to try to start fresh and we thought if anything, we wouldn’t be able to start fresh doing what we have always done.  So, we decided to pack up everything we knew in our lives and move to sunny Florida. Yes, just like that….


As soon as I got here I lived, breathed, and slept work.  I would go in early and stay way too late.  I barely had time to live let alone run and I was miserable.  Going into Christmas break I decided I not only needed to get my life back but I needed to bring back prettylittlerunner because I was happiest when I was blogging.  So here I am!


My first New Years Resolution was that I would no longer stay at work past 430.  This would allow me to spend more time being a mommy and to get runs in throughout the week.  The second thing was with Boston approaching, I needed to get in shape and I needed to be held accountable.  So I joined the Lakeland Runners Club and got myself a coach.

I’m way out of shape and my mileage is still low but I’m happy to be back into, and while I have a long way to go I’m really excited. I’m a real person.  Sometimes in life we fall off the bike or the running trail.  What’s important is that we find our way back….


At this point I don’t have a goal for Boston.  Last year’s race leaves me hungry for a new PR.  While Boston is a challenging course, I feel that I have the potential to really rock this race.  But I have to stick with the work outs and keep my head clear… I got this.

Have you ever taken a long time off of running? How did you get back into the grove?



10 thoughts on “Adios 2015, Bring on 2016

  1. I’m so happy you’re back to blogging! I missed you! You’ve been such an inspiration to me so now that you’re back all is right in my world lol
    I’m sure you’re gonna rock Boston – keep us updated 🙂

    1. It was hard not to blog… it’s literally my favorite thing to do! To connect with other runners whether I’m inspiring them or they are inspiring me is amazing…. now if it could only be my full time job lol! Have you signed up for a half?

  2. Welcome back! Once I took 6 months off of running. It was in 2011. I thought I’d never come back to it again…but here I am, 5 years later 🙂 You will be back up to speed in no time, stick with it!

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