Your current running relationship status: Happy

After my first disastrous marathon that I very rarely mention, my best friend and I got the word “believe” tattooed on our right wrists.  I put it there to remind myself how strong I am.  That first marathon is definitely a thorn in my side but it taught me soooo much about myself, but most importantly it taught me to believe in myself.  I had loved running so much that while that race broke me down, I certainly did not give up on running.


While I was upset with my performance last year at Boston which lead to a mini runner depression ( I don’t even know if that is even the correct term, but trust me it exists). I learned a lot about myself once again.  I truly wanted to walk off the course last year, but once I seen the Citgo sign I knew I had to finish and there was no way in hell I was going to walk the last straight away.  I’m not even sure how I re-qualified and I was certainly lucky that my qualifying time was good enough get me back in this year.  I needed all of the happenings of 2015 in order to make me a better runner today.  I needed that fire to be ignited once again.  I needed to feel excited and passionate about it again.  Running is like any other relationship in your life and if you neglect it and don’t treat it well, it falls apart on you.


Trust me, there have been days that I loathe running and I think running loathes me, but once you commit to running the Boston Marathon, there’s no backing down.  You have to put the time and hard work into it because that race is no joke!  The first few weeks of trying to get back into running were painful.  I was soooooo scared that I would never get back to liking it, let alone loving it.  But I had my break through day that I have been waiting for.  You know the one where you look forward to the long runs and work outs and while, yes, they suck, they fuel you, they inspire you, they excite you! It happened on my long run yesterday, on the treadmill no less.  It was a weird day outside yesterday due to storms that had it the west coast.  So I decided to throw on my running skirt and head to the gym.  My coach wanted me to keep it between 7:40-7:50 pace.  I did my first three miles at 7:47 pace.  That felt so good that I picked it up to 7:41 pace for the next three miles.  I always try to finish my last mile faster than the rest of my run, and it felt good, so I picked it up to 7:19 pace, with a final time of 53:56 for 7 miles. It felt amazing! I actually would have run farther but some guy came into the gym and he was creeping me out a bit.


Have I run faster? Sure.  Have I run farther? Clearly. But not recently and yesterday’s run was exactly what I needed to reignite my love (relationship) of running.  “Believe” in the process, believe in your running relationship, but most of all, believe in yourself.

What’s your current running relationship status?



9 thoughts on “Your current running relationship status: Happy

  1. I’m struggling to say the least. Some days I really have to push myself and others I’m good. Up until recently I was really getting faster – my time was going down nicely. I was at 8:34 per mile. I realize that may not be fast but for me it was great! I wasn’t always a runner, I ran a a little bit in middle school and that was it. To make a long story short life happened and I found myself 100 pounds over weight and I knew I needed a change. I started walking and that eventually led to jogging and now running. I took the 100 pounds off and have kept it off for over 5 years and also kept the running as well. Anyways, my goal was always to get faster, and as I said I was but for some reason recently I’m having a hard time with breathing and running faster than 9:06… I wanted to sign up for a half marathon in May and I also want to reach a goal of 2016 running miles for the year…
    Tantra this may not be exactly what you wanted to know but I’m getting very frustrated and I’m afraid I’ll never get faster.

    1. Girl, let me tell you…. I always want to hear how you are doing (the good, bad and ugly). I have been running for 21 years (my running career can legally drink, lol) and I have hit my “slumps”. We have all been there. When I was running and racing a ton my goal was to break 1:30 in the half. I just couldn’t do it and still to this day have not broke it. That is actually one of my goals this year. I love your running story. It is one of my favorites. 8:34 is a great pace! You have come such a long way! Have you thought about joining a running group? You would have to go to Albany, but it may help you. It really helped my bestfriend improve and it can help you get ready for your half. I think you should absolutely still sign up for the half. You have worked too hard not to do it. Have you been to fleet feet? I joined the Boston 365 group last year with them and while I couldn’t make many of the weekly work outs, I had them for the long runs. It held me accountable and pushed me. I typically like to run alone, but once in a while it’s nice and its a great support system. You got this Kerrie. Look at me, I just took 7 months off of running and I’m facing Boston again this Spring…I have worked too hard to let this opportunity pass. You too have worked too hard. Not every day is going to be easy, but I promise you…. you will get back to where you were and by the time you get to your half you will probably be even faster….

  2. It’s complicated. I’m still in love with running, but running hurt me and now I’m spending more time with my other friends cycling and swimming as it’s taking time for me to heal. Soon, I hope our relationship will be back to full strength again.

    1. I totally get it!!! That was me on the hiatus… I really WANTED to run… But I just wasn’t there… Hopefully, time heals all wounds;) Im glad you are still staying active… It’s good for the soul😉

  3. LOVE this. I’m believing a little more in myself every day. After training went so haywire in the fall I was feeling so over everything. The shorter distances are helping me fall in love with it all over again. 🙂

    1. I’m doing my first 5k in like 2 years in feb… I’m like can I even do this anymore!? Lol. I’m hoping I’ll do well to ignite that fire even more… Tonight I have a hot date with the treadmill…. Negative mile repeats for this girl😳… Jesus take the wheel 🙏

  4. I am going to get caught up on what happened to you in Boston but it sounds a lot like my year of disappointment. I ran my PR in June of 2014. Since that race, it’s been one roller coaster of runner high and runner depression. I was going to break 3 hours in the marathon. Until my final race of the year in 2015 left me walk running and lucky to break 4 hours. I had some great races, but so many disappointments. I spent about 6 weeks post my last marathon in that runner depression phase – lots of highs and lows during that time. I love your tattoos so much and think that they will serve as a good reminder that good things will happen as you move forward. I’m starting to come out of my rut lately. Ryan Hall just retired, and while he is an elite runner, I see a lot of myself in the way he was as a distance runner – he had a high point, and then lots of failures that followed. But his quote in his article with the NY Times gave me a lot of hope:

    “I’ve failed over and over and over again throughout my career,” he said. “I know what it’s like to fail at the biggest stage, like the Olympics. It’s a bummer; I don’t want to go through it, but I’m not afraid of it. And if you’re not afraid to fail, you’re not afraid to run against the best guys, and you’re not afraid to lose. I have so many failures throughout my career. But I needed them to have the success.”

    I think you have big things coming your way!!!! Hang in there and keep going!

    1. I absolutely love that quote! My marathon career is relatively young so Im hoping for great things… When I have success I want to race when I have failures I want to run and hide! Sub three is my ultimate goal! That is awesome… You can be my virtual training partner lol… We WILL break 3 hours!!!

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