Some times negatives are positive….

Every Monday they hold track work outs at a local HS here in Lakeland, however, Michael’s work schedule often conflicts with many of the runs through out the week which means Tantra flies solo those evenings.  Tonight’s work out was no exception: 2 miles warm up, 3xmile repeats at negative splits 1 mile cool down. All I could think was….


I’m not going to lie, I typically take the day off after my “long run”. But I chose to change my long run day so I need to deal with the consequences of that… I predict I make it to Saturday morning run this week… if I can still walk.  Anywhoooo, the warm up, did not feel great… I’m not going to lie.  I thought to myself… maybe just three easy miles tonight and I’ll do this tomorrow night…. but then my head said, “grow a set, you got this.” So after two miles I hopped off the treadmill and stretched, said a mini prayer to the running gods and hopped back on….. 658 followed by 400m jog, 641 followed by 400m jog, and 627 followed by a 1 mile cool down….. I freakin did it! I don’t know how… they say when your legs give up, run with your heart…. I say when your heart gives up, run with your head. As

No judgement on the NikePro shorts… 2016 is all about trying new things! 


I sit here tonight… My  legs hurt like hell, but I am truly soooo proud of myself.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like my old self…

What is that one break through work out that you had where you felt like…. I got this?




6 thoughts on “Some times negatives are positive….

    1. Let me tell you!!! When I was doing it I thought, “this is impossible…. But I kept repeating ‘when your legs fail run with your heart, when your heart fails run with head. Be striking’. Sounds cheesy but it helped me get through it!

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