What Up Wednesday…

Hey all this is my first what up Wednesday post of the year…


  1. I know I shouldn’t complain but I’m going to…. It’s chilly down here! I’ve been dating the treadmill a lot lately, because it’s too dark and too cold for me once Michael gets home from work…


Look it got down to 36! Wtf!

2. 89 Days til Boston! One of my favorite things of the Boston experience is “the holy grail jacket”.  I don’t love it, but I’m most likely going to buy it.  That and the medal… is what makes it all worth while.


Who’s buying this?!

3.  Is anyone thinking about fall marathons? I have had a few ideas lately…  I was thinking Chicago Marathon.  I love Chicago and I have heard great things about it.  However, one of my good friends from college, who I am doing Boston with, just messaged me about the Richmond Marathon…..Is it too soon?  AAAHHH…

chicagovs.  richmond



4.  Tonight I did a nice, light 4 mile run… and because my gym is in my apartment complex… I even walked home… I’m not going to lie the last few nights have been chilly so I legit drove… NO JUDGEMENT!


What up on your Wednesday?


4 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday…

  1. I really enjoyed my run today! It’s been awhile since I felt “good” after a run… I also hit the 100 mark for miles run this year – trying for 2016 by December 31! Anyways – it’s funny I was just thinking of you and wondering how you were 🙂

    1. Girl! I’m so excited for Boston this year. This time last year I was sick. See! I told you… Give it time. Remember why you fell in love with running in the first place…. I had to take the time off to remember why I missed it sooo much! The first few runs were not pretty! I hope you decide to run that half in the spring

  2. Please don’t hate me….I love the jacket this year! I know, I know. It’s girly and different but I love that teal color. Haha. I’ve also been a huge baby about the cold and have used the treadmill lately. I did my intervals there because it was low 20s and SUPER windy…F that dude. No way. That’s why God invented treadmills.

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